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  1. Wow! Thank you everyone for your responses. Marvelous food for thought!
  2. A new bar opened recently in Phoenix, and it is AMAZING! While it is small, the theming is beautiful and very well done, giving you the feeling you are in the hold of a ship. And the drinks are AWESOME! They do a wonderful mix of classic recipes and their own concoctions. My wife and I had a total of five different drinks and we loved each one. If you can make it to Phoenix, you will definitely want to visit. Be advised at this time, it is very popular, and you will want to make a reservation. http://www.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/dining/dominic-armato/2016/07/15/top-mixologist-opening-phoenix-first-underground-tiki-bar-under-tow/87052002/
  3. Some Clement Creole Shrub (mai tai heaven!), Hamilton 151 (for the best Zombies), Clement Rhum Vieux Agricole (further mai tai heaven!), some ting soda, what else? Those were the highlights. We will definitely go back there when we get out to DLR.
  4. My wife and I (late in life Disneyland and Trader Sam's fans-rum shoppers) were able to stop by Hi-Time last month. In my best Jimmy Valmer impersonation: "I mean, come on!" They have EVERYONE beat-and their staff were nice and helpful. If you live out west, make the trip.
  5. Favorite cocktail podcasts?

    Thanks to all for your comments! It was enjoyable exploring other content! I find at my level-a novice cocktail enthusiast who has fallen in love with tiki culture, that I gravitate back to Kevin Upthegrove's podcast. Hopefully more artists will share their knowledge so that we all can enjoy cocktails more.
  6. Related to my post about LA, Phoenix has total wine, bev mo, and AJs. While they all certainly have plenty, I am not finding some of the more specific types of rum I have been looking for. So I'm curious if there are web sites that are particularly good. Thank you in advance!
  7. I am not having much luck around Phoenix, however my wife and I get out to Anaheim regularly so I thought I would ask. Thank you in advance!
  8. I must admit I don't know what a shrub is. I don't think I've had a cocktail with one either. What is a shrub?
  9. Hello BillBuitenhuys! I see you are in the Phoenix area. I am trying to build up my bar with tiki drink ingredients. I probably do most of my shopping at total wine and occasionally drop by AJs. Are there other stores in the area where one can shop for things like demerara rum and falernum? Thank you in advance:)

  10. Cinnamon syrup. I am trying to make the Zombie and the syrup I've come up with is too strong/hot/spicy!
  11. Thank you everyone. I will try grenadine first. I've tried cinnamon already, and used an extract-way too spicy!
  12. Where to buy Lemon Hart 151 rum?

    Thank you everyone
  13. Where to buy Lemon Hart 151 rum?

    Arizona-Phoenix area, but am in LA here and there.
  14. Where to buy Lemon Hart 151 rum?

    Or give up the search and look for a replacement? Hamilton 151 Overproof Demerara Rum?
  15. I am in search of the holy grail of Zombies, and I repeatedly see Lemon Hart as an ingredient. Do I need to become an archaeologist and start a dig?