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  1. Looks like kappa carrageenan has to be heated to 180.
  2. Thanks! I see the temperature mentioned. Very helpful. It's what I was thinking but was hoping to verify before making a whole batch.
  3. Thank you for your help! My soft serve machine is getting installed this weekend so hopefully I'll be able to figure things out asap.
  4. Hi Carlton- Thank you for sharing this formula. Can you share the method? I've never worked with the gums listed- or any gums for that matter. Guessing it's pasteurized yolks since heating isn't required? If you add fruit purees, how hot do you get the mixture? Thank you!
  5. Hi Kerry- I found some bases that are not polished!
  6. True! Hopefully it works. I'll test it out by hand coloring since I don't have a coating pan or access to one. Thank you for your help.
  7. So the color won't stick if the white ones have been polished? I found links like this one: http://bubblynaturecreations.com/2013/02/sprinkles-diy-custom-colors.html where bloggers colored jimmies with food dye. They said the color stayed but I have been led astray by Pinterest suggestions before. lol Thanks again!
  8. Hi Kerry- I just looked at the containers I have. They list caranuba wax as an ingredient, so I'm guessing that means that they're polished? Thank you!!
  9. Hello- I found eGullet after searching for "how to pan candy" on the good ol' Google. I'm wondering if anyone here has made nonpareils like the picture I attached? I can buy the base round spheres but they don't come in the colors I want so I thought "hmm, maybe I can make them myself?" Or, does anyone know of classes offered that might help me out in this pursuit? I've seen some candy classes but am not sure those are the correct thing for me to take. I found links on pinterest where people used food dye but I'm not sure how hardy the color on the surface would be. Another thought I had was using an airbrush? Thank you in advance. photo source: https://www.cakes.com/products/non-pareils-mixed-colors-3-dot-8-oz-6236?gclid=CLXhnfTA7soCFYJDaQodZmcLyw
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