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  1. If my memories are correct, one or the other have to have white in it to chemically react. When I did normal Dark chocolate mirror glaze as a base, Dark chocolate:no white Colors:add white But when I did white chocolate mirror glaze as a base, I only added white in that. And whatever other colors I added on top didn't need white to make Suttler's effect. I hope this make sence...
  2. After I found the video below,here is what I think.... The recipe link you provided with condensed milk is pretty much identical to new video's recipe (except 50g difference in chocoate). And I think your recipe worked excellent for me as far as copieing Olga's stye glaze. Especially covering a cake with one solid color mirror glaze. I just couldn't quite deiver the Gerald Sutter style with being so thick. But now we may have an answer ....seems like the top color for the webbing design only have glucose and color (no gelatins etc),according to this video guy. Anyway,I can't wait to try it!
  3. Hi, I just came across this video,I think this video is very helpful!
  4. Gflon1,thanks for the article and recipe! This recipe worked well. This is pretty thick,so I probably need to thin it down to copy gerald butler's swirled marble but it's a good recipe to have. I did it over the bundt cake. Since it's too hard to do smooth butter cream over the bundt cake,I did pourable chocolate garnache which saved my time and worked well under this recipe.
  5. Hi,I figured out EASIEST way to copy Gerald Sattler's glaze tequnique. I went crazy searching on web,finally came across a Chinese website showing great simple way,you can Use Google to translate it in English. http://suegan.blogspot.com/2015/12/chocolate-mirror-cake.html?m=1 you can Use chocolate mirror glaze of your choice, then color glaze part is below.this person's chocolate glaze worked great too,I liked the fact it didn't need to be made a day ahead. Clear piping gel Little water Drop or two of wilton white Icing color(depends on how much quantity you are making) Then add any color you want to this mixture.i just microwaved this mixture worked like a charm,exact effect like Gerald Sattler. I used hair dryer to blow. That's it! Water,you need to adjust to what kind design you want. Thick or thin,it will affect and create different effect. Good luck everyone.
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