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  1. You don't say!! I will have to check it out
  2. Which brand of coconut milk did you use? I have tried quite a few and I always find the fat to water content ratio to be wildly different between brands. Also, just like with regular ganache, you probably should have used coconut cream just as you would use heavy cream versus milk. Better fat content ratio. That is what I am guessing went wrong, but I have never made ganache with coconut cream so maybe someone who has will chime in.
  3. Our family loves H mart in Doraville, GA. It is about the only place we can reliably find fish heads for Sinigang. So good.
  4. Merry Berry

    Cleaning cocoa butter sprayers

    LK, that is how I was taught too. But I never hear of anyone else doing it, so I questioned myself on whether or not it was worth using the (admittedly) small amount of Vodka or if I was doing it wrong. I guess as long as the end result is it is clean, it is okay.
  5. Speaking of water ganache, do you have any issues freezing bonbons or truffles with a water ganache component to them? Does the extra water content freeze too hard and crack the shells or enrobing? I am curious about that.
  6. That is great to hear. They say never meet your idols, but I feel some would be the exception.
  7. Well, I guess what I was doing was not too far off then. I always worried the water would somehow get trapped in there and ruin things (although that has never happened).
  8. Oh that is awesome, so you have met Fran? I hope she is a lovely lady in real life.
  9. Alas, I am in Chattanooga, TN. But my plan is to visit Seattle within the next 5 years. I have always wanted to visit there. The confectionery scene there seems to be crazy good. Who knew somewhere with so much rain/dampness would produce so much artisan chocolate? I see that several people on here are in the Seattle area and I know Fran Bigelow started out there. I found her book at a used bookstore just as I was beginning my pastry school journey and learning about her made me want to do chocolates. I always think I am good at chocolates until I come on here and see what people are producing and it just blows me away how much I have to learn (such as the starch molding). I love how challenging and frustrating things can be haha. And I love a good mystery even though I was way off on this topic as Teo and Tri2 helped you figure it out. If I make it to Seattle one day, I hope to meet all you wonderful EGulleters up there.
  10. I have that same gun, but I have not used it a couple of years. Do you keep several spray guns on hand in case you are doing several backing colors? I am pretty sure I was never shown the "proper" way to clean them when finished with them at the end of the day. What do you do in order to clean them and keep them unclogged?
  11. Is pecan liqueur a possible way to bring more flavor to the dark? I have never tried any of them (pecan liqueurs), but I know with dark chocolate, many times, I find alcohol helps back the flavor I am looking for. Thank you for the quick write up, AP. You make it sound so simple (well with a time investment), but I just know I would have a mess. I still want to try it one day though. What do you press into the starch mixture to mold them? Anything you want for the shape? If it is not so much trouble, please do post the pictures and steps. I know that is quite the request, but hopefully others on here are looking forward to it as well. Maybe a class at one of conventions is in order one year? I hope I can make next year's. This year is definitely impossible for me.
  12. Do you have a faithful, can't fail, backup recipe you can do at the same time as a hedge in case you do not get this one to work the way you want it to? I would hate for you to lost those whiskey liquors. I am trying to understand your process. 1. Was there any sugar in the candying process? Granulated? Confectioners? I did not understand since you mentioned just candying in paprika and peppers. 2. Did you do a cold smoke for the nuts or a hot one? I am impressed with the starch molding. If you ever have a chance, I would love to hear a description of your process. I have never taken the plunge to try it, but it looks neat and adding another layer to confections is always on the table.
  13. Merry Berry

    Can This Bunny Be Saved?

    Is it just me or does the bunny have a bit of a "Mona Lisa" look going on? I swear it is smirking at the viewer almost like she knows something you do not, haha.
  14. Is the agreed upon freezing method for most of the choclatiers here still to place the chocolates in a box, triple wrap in plastic wrap, place in cooler for 24 hours, then move to the freezer and reverse the process to thaw? If so, what type of box do people use? Flattish cardboard for one layer? I have read through the main threads on this site discussing the various method for freezing chocolates and this way appears to be the consensus pick. I have two large chest freezers ready to be filled.
  15. Beautiful work JD!! It makes me want to step up my game, haha. I bet they taste as good as they look.