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  1. I have tried 100% pure iberian acorn ham from Guijuelo, Spain. I have to say it is amazing product, quite addictive : ) We couldn't stop eating and when we stopped all the ham was disappeared. The brand that I have tried this time is "Beher", they have several winning awards over the world , i really recommend try this one it has very soft consistency and sweet and soft flavor. I have tried handcarved gold label package which is the most expensive but I thought once i paying for eating something special one day why not just eating the best?? But in the same shop they have different kind of
  2. My boss gave to me a package in box format_ with 6 tablets of fudge with different flavours which is terrible sweet, it is like eating a tablet of sugar and I do not like at all things so sweety. So I have decided putting a little bit in a plate each time we have visitors at home. This is the kind of product you could have at home for years.....
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