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  1. I have tried 100% pure iberian acorn ham from Guijuelo, Spain. I have to say it is amazing product, quite addictive : ) We couldn't stop eating and when we stopped all the ham was disappeared. The brand that I have tried this time is "Beher", they have several winning awards over the world , i really recommend try this one it has very soft consistency and sweet and soft flavor. I have tried handcarved gold label package which is the most expensive but I thought once i paying for eating something special one day why not just eating the best?? But in the same shop they have different kind of iberico ham at different prices depending the age of curation. The shop is based in Manchester but they have online shop http://saborole.co.uk/ and this is the link of the gold label ham http://saborole.co.uk/ham-charcuterie/114-acorn-iberian-ham-gold-label-8428688010913.html Enjoy as we did! Hope repeat this fabolous dinner very soon : )
  2. My boss gave to me a package in box format_ with 6 tablets of fudge with different flavours which is terrible sweet, it is like eating a tablet of sugar and I do not like at all things so sweety. So I have decided putting a little bit in a plate each time we have visitors at home. This is the kind of product you could have at home for years.....
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