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  1. Pre mixed and in labeled bottles. I mix up a day or two in advance and chill. The flavors meld very well and the cocktails are nice and cold. All I will need is glasses, a pitcher of ice water for chilling the glasses and garnishes. I have done this before and it works wonderfully. I'm no bartender so have to measure and check my work which means I'm ignoring my guests. This way I can get the most popular drinks done and keep serving! These articles give a good explanation- http://drinks.seriouseats.com/2011/12/cocktail-101-how-to-make-cocktails-for-a-crowd-big-batches-martinis-margaritas-manhattans.html http://food52.com/blog/10592-how-to-make-big-batch-cocktails
  2. The only dry vermouth I have in the house is Dolin. I'm a Manhattan drinker so I have a bunch of sweet but only the one dry. Would love suggestions for another dry to have on hand for next time. Here is the recipe I'm using. I got my batch Manhattan recipe from this same blog and love it so will go with this one first time out. http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2011/12/martinis-for-a-crowd-gin-cocktail.html
  3. I am having my book club to the house this weekend and we have decided cocktails are the way to go. I am doing the drinks and they will bring food. I am going to batch mix the Manhattans and Martinis as the will probably be the most popular. I have my Manhattan down but am not sure on the martini. My friends are all confirmed gin lovers but most are only familiar with Hendricks or Bombay. I have the following and wondered which to go with. Hendricks, Monkey 47, Bulldog, St George Botinavore, and Haymans Old Tom. I think the old Tom will be too sweet. My plan is to do a batch that will total about 5 Martinis so will use about 10 ounces of gin.
  4. Saw these today, didn't buy them yet. They are a bit bigger than I like for cocktail glassed (the tag says wine) but I was thinking I could use them for margarita glasses. I absolutely hate the traditional margarita glasses I have. These probably hold 8 oz. The bowl portion of the glass is iridescent, kind of cool. These are kind of cool, the pattern is kind of Americana for lack of a better term. Will be going back by tomorrow so may grab them then. Annette
  5. First post here, hope I get it right . I am trying to expand my stock so I will have more options when guests come over. This is what I've picked up in the last couple of weeks. I am currently on the hunt for a small (375ml) bottle of Green Chartreuse, but think I'm going to end up ordering online. The vodka is totally for the bottle. I don't really drink vodka or use it much but I do like to batch mix cocktails and loved the size and shape of that bottle so when it's done will remove the labels and use it to batch mix for a party. The Rittenhouse is a restock as is the Warre's Port. My biggest score was finding the Carpano Antica Vermouth in the 375ml bottles, so happy about that! Annette
  6. My name is Annette and I live in Milton, Georgia. Grew up in Atlanta. I am not in the food/beverage industry (anymore), I am a dog trainer by trade. I actually hate to cook,(but do enjoy baking) but love to eat. I joined here after finding the spirits section as I am currently into wine and cocktails and am interested in stocking my home bar and learning to craft my own cocktails for guests (and myself). Looking forward to learning and discussing with everyone here. Annette
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