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  1. Bar Layout, Setup, and Design

    Tanstaafl2, I have had three different plumbers in to quote running a water line to the bar. It can be done but the cheapest I was quoted was $900. Just not sure that it is a wise use of funds. I do have one of those water coolers you mentioned, so when I have a party it would be simple to move it in there. Great idea. Which got me thinking, I also have one of those drink dispensers people use for lemonade, so could just put that on the counter with water and put a small tub under, I can use it for multiple purposes.
  2. Bar Layout, Setup, and Design

    Omg Lisa. You are brilliant. I didn't even think of using the space at the bottom of the stairs. No one would need to go up there at all during a party so that's perfect! I actually inherited a beautiful mid century punch set so I will look into the book you mentioned. I have some great cocktail books so would love to add to the collection.
  3. Bar Layout, Setup, and Design

    This is more about how I need to design the "bar" space at our cabin. This will be our retirement place and we hope to be there permanently in the next year or so. I don't have a perfect spot in the cabin for a real bar so it will be built in cabinets along a wall in the great room. As it is a log cabin, cutting into walls and such to add plumbing may be be structurally unwise and beyond reasonable for the budget considering how many other projects need to be done. So here is my question for those of you who are experienced, either professionally or not, with setting up and serving cocktails when you don't have a sink right there. How do you rinse jiggers, spoons, mixing stuff when you don't have a sink and don't want to traipse through the space to do so? I started thinking about catered parties I've been to where there is a bar set up out by a pool or something. Obviously there isn't a sink but I have been to these events where they offer cocktails. Do they have a bucket with water to dunk stuff in? Most of the time it will be just my husband and myself but we do host 4-5 gatherings a year. I'm trying to decide if blowing the budget to have the sink is just silly or do people have good solutions for those events. If it matters, in my current home I don't have a good bar space but I do have a big kitchen with a second prep sink. So I tend to pick a cocktail or two for the evening and batch mix ahead of time. Then all I have to do is set up a little self serve station and can use the prep sink nearby to rinse if I need and not get in the way of food prep. Here is the layout of new cabin. First pic shows bar space against stairwall in relation to kitchen, pic bar with sink, pic 3 bar no sink.
  4. I'd love suggestions for something new in a cocktail

    Don't know how this post didn't show earlier (weird computer programs). This sounds great as well, as Rye is my go-to then I will try it that way first. Annette
  5. I'd love suggestions for something new in a cocktail

    Wow, that sounds fabulous. I think I even have a ginger beer in the house! Annette
  6. Martinez vs Negroni

    I ended up making the PDT version. I didn't want to open the bottle of Cocchi yet, so used the Antica. First go round I used Hayman's Old Tom Gin. Enjoyable but a bit sweet. Not sure why so the second attempt I switched to Bulldog Gin. I think the Old Tom combined with Antica upped the sweetness so the Bulldog version was more to my liking. I don't like the Bulldog by itself but do enjoy it in a cocktail. Annette
  7. Martinez vs Negroni

    Ok, getting a late start here so I'm going with just the Martinez for the evening. For vermouth, I only have Antica or Cocchi di Torino. I've never tried the Cocchi so have no idea. On researching I've found 3 different Martinez recipes. I'm kind of chuckling here- First from Robert Hess 1 oz Gin, 2 oz Vermouth dash bitters 1/8 oz Maraschino liqueur Then from PDT 1.5 oz Gin, 1.5 oz Vermouth, 2 dash bitters, 1/4 oz Marschino From Liquid Intelligence 2 oz Gin, 1 oz Vermouth, 1 dash bitters, 1/4 oz Maraschino Not sure which to try first . Maybe PDT as it's kind of in the middle.
  8. Pairing cocktails with food?

    I know it will last 2-3 days, but I generally only drink on Friday and Sunday nights (work schedule and weight control ). So if I open a bottle on Friday night, I can finish it on Sunday, no problem. But if I go with a cocktail one of those nights it means the wine will sit until the following weekend.
  9. Manhattans and ice - am I being too picky?

    So we went back for dinner Saturday evening. I ordered a Rittenhouse Manhattan and before I could continue the server asked me if I'd like it up or on ice. So pleasantly surprised! This time it was a great drink and I thanked the bartender as we were leaving. Annette
  10. Pairing cocktails with food?

    Party theme will be 60s/70s. I'm doing fondue for sure, but no set menu for anything else. Trying to do heavy h'ors douvres, or buffet type food. I have some great retro cocktail stuff which is what got this going to begin with. Annette
  11. Manhattans and ice - am I being too picky?

    Very timely, just found this while searching for something else. http://vinepair.com/wine-blog/cocktail-etiquette-what-to-do-when-you-dont-like-your-drink/
  12. Manhattans and ice - am I being too picky?

    My standby Manhattan is 2oz Rittenhouse Rye, 1oz Carpano Antica Vermouth, 2 dashes Fee Bros Bitters. Stirred and served up with 2 Luxardo cherries In the summer I change out the cherries for orange or lemon twist and maybe Angustora bitters. If I'm going to sit outside then I will serve over ice as the Atlanta heat will heat up a drink in seconds. For Christmas I got a bottle of Whistle Pig Rye and a bottle of Doc Holiday Rye so will try those when the Rittenhouse is gone. Annette
  13. Manhattans and ice - am I being too picky?

    So it turns out we are going back to one of these places for dinner tonight. I love the food and general atmosphere so am pleased my friends chose it. I so in the mood for a Manhattan now, so am I ok to watch the bartender make it, or tell him/her exactly how it should be done? I won't be snarky, but would love if they understood this one drink. Annette
  14. Best Manhattan variations?

    I'm not much for variations on my Manhattan, just love it the way I was taught to make it. I believe I was told to remember the original area code in Manhatta (212) to remember the recipe. 2oz Rye, 1 oz sweet vermouth, 2 dashes bitters. My only variation is winter/summer. Winter is served up, with cherry garnish. Summer is served in an old fashioned glass, one or 2 huge ice cubes and citrus garnish (depending on which I have, lemon is usually on hand). Annette
  15. Manhattans and ice - am I being too picky?

    Uhm, no. I agree, you should have been told and had the option of changing your order. I don't have anything against a Manhattan on ice per se. I frequently drink mine with a giant ice sphere at home when the craving for a Manhattan hits me in the summer.