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  1. Thank you! I obviously didn't look deep enough. JenniferG
  2. I know I've always seasoned my regular cast iron pans before using them, but should I also season my new Le Creuset cast iron skillet and grill pan? What do you recommend? I've read from others about sticking, so I want to make sure I start right out the gate. I didn't see anything about this on the Le Creuset site, but I suppose I can always give them a call. I'm interested in others' experiences. Thanks, JenniferG
  3. Although I have a culinary degree from years ago, I'm no longer in the business (found marketing for high tech far more lucrative). However, my love of food and cooking remains. My husband would like to give me a gift sometime of a nice cooking program--maybe a two- or three-day program. He's looked at the CIA list, which might work, but I know there are lots and lots of cool programs out there. Does anyone have experience with these types of programs and can you recommend any in particular. They could be here in the states (I'm on the East Coast but not limited to the area) or overseas? Thanks, Jennifer P.S. I hope this was the right place for this topic.
  4. Any idea what that might be?
  5. That would probably work. However, there was no added sweetener at all. It was really very refreshing.
  6. We had dinner last week at a friend's (in Switzerland, no less). She served three sugar-free (well, no added sugar) sorbets: mandarin, lychee, and melon. Any thoughts on how this was done? I assume juicing (vs. pureeing) and freezing?
  7. You're right, caterer could be in Chester Co. or willing to do a job there. I will check out all. Yes, the party is likely to be under 30 people. Thanks for all the help! You folks are always so amazing and so helpful. Jennifer
  8. I want to have a surprise 50th birthday party for my husband, and I'm looking for an excellent caterer in Chester County. I did a brief stint at Catering Inc., which used to be in Malvern. I was always very impressed with the chef, Carol ?????. Does anyone know where she might be now or can you recommend someone good? It will be an afternoon thing in mid-April. Hoping for oysters and some of my husband's other favorites. Thanks, Jennifer
  9. I see from the weather forecast that a cooler probably won't be necessary. Thanks for the suggestions. We'll try Cucina Forte--after all, this night is basically for the kid. Thanks for the help, Jennifer
  10. We're taking our 12-year-old son to see Cirque du Soleil for the Friday 4 p.m. matinee. We'd like to take him to dinner in Philly afterwards, maybe something Italian or Chinese. Any suggest on a good place that might fit the bill for a picky kid who has only recently graduated from plain pasta to pasta Alfredo, a protein-seeking Atkins dad (fish or other forms of flesh will do), and a mom looking for something on the interesting side? Thanks for any suggestions.
  11. According to the Rita's website, they offer four sugar-free flavors: Pink lemonade Root beer Tangerine Cherry I'll half to check them out. I had a sugar-free lemon and cherry at Hershey Park last week, and it sure was a treat for someone avoiding sugar. I liked the lemon best.
  12. Check out the Classic Diner on Rt. 30 in Malvern/Frazer. It can be loud and crowded, but the breakfasts and lunches are truly worth it. Make sure to bring your appetite. And they are expanding the dining room, which sould help quite a bit. For Chinese, I like Margaret Quo's Mandarin Palace, again on Rt. 30 in Malvern. For Vietnamese, try Le Saigon in Paoli at the intersection of Rt. 30 and Rt. 252. For Indian, I like the place in the shops in Chesterbrook. I think it's called the Taj Mahal.
  13. Looks like Restaurant 821 is not open on Sundays, so I thought I'd have them try Harry's Seafood Grille. Any feedback on Harry's?
  14. My husband is meeting a colleague, who is flying into Philly and heading toward Baltimore by car, for dinner Sunday evening. He like to meet him for dinner either at the airport (Marriott is probably the only option) or along 95 toward or in Wilmington (maybe the Green Room). He's looking for something that would have good fish or vegetarian options. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks, Jennifer
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