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  1. I had a lovely weekend cooking for a friends dinner party. They supplied the $$$, I chased the ingredients and put it all together. Lobster, ocean trout and Moreton Bay bug ravioli, shellfish jus, chervil and dill velouté. 53 degree sous vide, dry aged Cape Grim ribeye, carrots and beets from the garden, cauliflower and carrot purée, goat curd, baby herbs, jus. (And one Poussin for the non-beef eater). A trio of mousses, white chocolate and pistachio, lemon, valrhona dulcey. Lemon shortbread crumb. Toasted almonds and pistachios. Baby shiso and chervil. All in all, rather lovely. Time for a snooze!
  2. Dear All, many thanks for the welcome! Naftal, Nyonya cuisine is from the Chinese (my mother in laws family) who settled in Malaysia and Singapore. It is a bit of a mixing pot of traditional Chinese shaken up with some malaysian and Indonesian influences. A particular favourite of mine is otak otak, white fish, a coconut custard, wrapped in banana and betel leaves and cooked over coals - truly delicious! Also many assorted sweets like kuih are considered Nyonya. The above is a very basic description, and reflects the understanding I've been told - it certainly warrants more research. I cannot wait to go to Penang! Looking forward to talking with you all! ER
  3. Well, I have been stalking for quite a while, and I enjoy reading eGullet immensely. I'm in Australian guy, love cooking, love my Sous Vide Supreme, love all the amazing fresh ingredients I can get my hands on. My food is a little homely with some modernist twists here and there. Heavily French inspired, with a touch of Nyonya Malaysian thrown in, just to shake things up. Also enjoy spending too much money on cook books and gadgets that will.... Make life superb (I want a freeze dryer!). Looking forward to reading all your delicious and interesting posts. Attached is a SV Ocean trout I cooked for dinner the other evening, with nduja kipfler potatoes, nduja aioli, white zucchini from the garden and a few other bits and pieces I had lying around the fridge and herb pot. ER
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