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  1. My daughter wanted rice pudding. I figured how hard could it be to make? Well I've tried it twice and both times I bombed. First time I made it I used this recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/recipe_views/views/106089 don't know what I did wrong but the rice never got tender. Second time I used the rice pudding recipe from the gourmet cookbook (pre cook the rice). The rice was tender but the pudding was a gloppy disaster (although it tasted OK).

    I used Carolina long grain rice in the recipes. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    Try mine from the epicurious.com. This is with basmati rice and I make it every week. Click for Rice pudding.

  2. Route 7 in Ridgefield has a Ridgefield Motor Inn. Huge parking lot, nice rooms plus lot of antique car shows happen in and around this country side. There are several small towns around here, Redding, Wilton, Georgetown, Weston, Westport, New Canaan, Danbury, Norwalk and Westchester is right around the corner.

    I have the restaurant "Thali" in the hotel, the hotel is not operated by me but could negotiate a special package deal. The restaurant is open for Lunch an upscale, contemporary and art deco with new Indian food and bar.

    If you need more info, please PM me. Thanks.

  3. Dominos ' mutton gonghura pizza' looked interesting on the ' Pizza in Indian life ' thread, so I googled for mutton gongura and come up with some recipes.

    They all call for gonghura leaves which I know nothing about.

    Can the pundits enlighten me please? What are these, what kind of a taste or texture do they add to a dish and where can one find them ?

    Thanks all

    Gongura: HIBISCUS CANNABINUS is the scintific term. It is a sour leaf, some times available in Indian stores. Katta dal tastes with these leaves is very good.

    I have Gongura mamsam (Lamb) on my menu, which is quite a hit. It is typical South Indian.

    Note: Just as a suggestion if you can't get your hands on the fresh leaves, try buying "Priya" gongura pickle and add it to your favorite dal or meat.

  4. What kind of orange you use Prasad? what you think? We were very surprised by how subtle and fragrant the biryaani was. And most good was that it was not like rose or kevra smelling that can be turn off for so many people. It was fragrant but without being too much like perfume of flowers.

    What did you serve it with for your brunch?

    Did you try any other recipe?

    Will cook more from it coming weekend. Will share comments here.

    I used California Navels: These large, thick-skinned oranges are easily identified by the "belly-button" found at their blossom end. Navels are seedless, almost effortlessly peeled, and easily segmented--qualities that, along with their sweet flavor, make them excellent eating oranges. California navels are somewhat more flavorful than those grown in Florida.

    Served with boondi, mint raita and there is plenty to pick more from the brunch on the buffet, especially mirchi ka salan or bagare baigan.

  5. I was wondering that myself - I wonder if its Vineet Bhatia also in the UK -- let me google.

    Yes, it is infact Vineet Bhatia. He received the highest accolade by Michelin, his first star in 2001. He is the first Indian chef to do in 102 years of Michelin's existence.

    I visited Atul Kotchar's Benares last Christmas for dinner and I decided to dine on their Christmas pre-fix menu with wine pairing for 59 Pounds. It was a five course meal, two vegetables, bread and rice with four different wines, coffee and Petite four.

    I arrived early to sit at bar and the pre setting in action.

    The place is gorgeous and large dining room. The food was fabulous. The service started of gracefully and ended disappointing. The crew at Benares seemed like they were lost in Benares.

    The highlight of the meal infact was Marathi Nalli Ghosht which was in pounded red chilies and coriander. It was toooo good and I am looking forward to going back there soon.

  6. Congratulations Suvir and Stephanie.

    I am enjoying it thoroughly and do not understand where and when to stop getting inspired.

    Suvir will be finding his name occasionally on my weekly specials. I hope he doesn't mind.

    I was looking at the beautiful picture of Matar Kee Patty and my mouth watered. Which brand did you buy for the puff pastry. I would love to fill in various fiilings.

    You must be very busy promoting the book and with all the calls you must be recieving. Or are you too busy with your new venture for making of the new Restaurant of the year along with Per Se.

    Good Luck Suvir:


  7. Has anyone eaten at the second Thali, recently opened in Ridgefield, as a motel restaurant on the Norwalk/Danbury Connector?

    The location is such a contrast with the upscale setting of the original, I'm a little hesitant to try it.  If the food is the same - great, but it should be less expensive for the loss of atmosphere, alone!

    The setting is upscale, the service is formal, the atmosphere is contemporary look with beautifully appointed furniture.... The quality of the food and the menu is similar to the one at New Canaan minus the cascading waterfall.

    Please read "The New York Times" review

    "The New York Times" Review Aug 01, 2004

  8. That's it. I have decided to move on and make my journey to India. I am filling a job application to head the kitchen at HOOTERS.

    I assume they hire men for poduction. :raz:

  9. Bhasin: Thanks for your generous comments. First, I should apologise for not being part if the team for last few months. I was totally involved with the new Thali 2 and the reward was lot sooner than I thought.

    Thanks Monica, Anil and Mongo jones for all your support and PM'S. I promise I will take part from now on. I must admit i do miss egullet a big time.

    Anil: I am still looking forward to seeing you at thali 1.

    Bhasin; I try to go out of may to promote Indian cuisine in general and the restaurant Thali. This brunch at an incredible price if $13.95, probably cought the eye of this reviewer and since she mentioned the price and the best Sunday Brunch in the State of its kind, my every Sunday is become like Mother's day madness. Line out there.

    lot's on the brunch, for example this Sunday Brunch

    Mix greens and frissee (Passion fruit and sesame rice vinaigrette dressing)

    Cumin roasted / grilled eggplant, zuchini, green tomatoes.

    Coriander and basil cold pasta salad.

    Cashew rolls,

    beer battered mushrooms filled with alu chat.

    Makhni Seekh kabab

    Nargisi kofta malai

    galinah Xacutti

    Jinga Manchurian

    Asian noodles with spring vegetables

    Alu paraval

    Sukha gobi

    Bengali dahi baigan

    Sunheri bhindi

    Dum murg Hyderabadi Biryani

    Kalmi kabab (Spicy chicken Wings)


    Masala Dosa, Uthappam, Pesarattu and Alu tikki Station

    Bhel and Pani puri station

    Bagar Rice Pilav


    gaulab jamun, shrikhand, gazar halwa, gourmet rice pudding and lots of fruit.

    Hope to see you some time in the near future.

    Mongo Joes: What do I do with my identity if and when there is a Third Thali or Thali 3 ????


  10. Prasad. You want to kitchen test this and let us know how it turns out? I would do it but I am extremely short staffed, with no free time

    I have done it before with names like roti tikka pizzas and lamb sausage kind of things. geographic situation made me pull it off the menu.

    BTW Just like Nanzzas I still have NANWITCHES on the lunch menu.

  11. How about adding a minor amount of Sooji (Cream of wheat) to the Sheermal recipe. Do you think you get a little bit if that crumbly an dbuttery texture with the addition of sooji.


    Sooji will make it flaky as you mentioned. My recipes do not have it in them -- I will check in some of the older Indian cookbooks I have to see if they use sooji. At your restaurant -- do you make yours with sooji?

    Yes, I do :wacko:

  12. Monica and Sudhir Seth by far the best demo of breads.

    Sudhir: this one is specially for you.

    What's the difference in Hyderabadi or Muslim's Bakharkhani (Bread)?

    Also I have seen Sheermal done in a couple of different ways. With yeast or baking powder and sometimes with NO yeast or baking powder.

    I have had not used neither eggs, yeast or any baking agent. Except being a little flatter they seem to taste great.

    Do you use Saffron in Sheermal?

    Do you use cardamom in sheermal?

    Good seeing your very professional work on the gullet...WOW



  13. Prasad,

    The next time you plan your sojourns, perhaps we can all go as a group to London and eat 'family style'.

    That way we can try more dishes/items than one individual can.




    It ain't too late, it's thanksgiving week, it should be a slow week of business in US. Plus the airlines have huge sale going on. So let's do family style ordering.

    It's normally 14 day advance booking - I'll be game if it is after 1st Jan (I've made all my mileage runs and achieved my targets for '03 miles :smile: ) Anyway you'll should bookmark this link

    and visit it often to get great info air travel :biggrin:

    Anil: Thanks for the link. If time permits we shall plan ahead and do it to London.

    BTW I am pleased that I will be spending some time with Cinnamon Club and I am still waiting to hear if any one else will come forward.

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