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  1. Try Jubilee CHocolates in Philadelphia: http://www.jubileechocolates.com/. Hugely recommended in a different area of eGullet.
  2. Oops--the reply text got lost. We had been very happy with a succession of Braun burr grinders. We now have a Solis Maestro and think it is great. WIch is had a scale of numbers along the dial like the braun. Joe McGuire
  3. We have used a succession of Braun burr grinders over the past 20 years and were veryhappy. When the last one failed we got a Solis Maestro. It is very impressive--and relatively quiet. The only complaint we have is that we miss the scale of numbers along the control switch Joe McGuire
  4. What is the best way to make a good cup of coffee with a drip process? I am not talking espresso (I love it out--but I am not about invest the time and effort, or the money to buy excellent equipment, to make it at home!) but good american-style coffee. And I know about buying fresh-roasted beans in small quantities, keeping everything clean, and measuring pretty carefully. I have been grinding my fresh-roasted coffee beans very finely, using the finest grind on a classic Braun grinder for 20+ years. (I have gone through several of those grinders over the years and the current one is dyin
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