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  1. It honestly looks like the new Nomiku is going to be able to connect to the internet and allow you to control it remotely, just like the Nest Thermostat. If this is the case, its going to be a game changer. Up until this point, I was very much an anova guy (I own gen 1. and supported gen. 2 in kickstarter), the nomiiku was cool but the anova was a better value. Now they've got the nomiku a great price, and WIFI, which is why I bought it (three sous vide machines in one house, this could be interesting). What I'm looking forward to is hacking the little bugger for timed cooking sessions. S
  2. So I tired things out...mixed results. The crock pot wasnt really able to heat the water fast enough for my liking. I found that it took nearly 1 hour to get temperatures up in the water bath...let alone to get the meat up to temperature. I suspect I might have better success by using a heating stick as my heating source...but this was a very cumbersome process.
  3. Will the bluetooth actually work for remote activation. I didn't know bluetooth allowed for long distances like that? Wouldn't it need wifi to allow remote activation?
  4. I've been cooking sous vide for the better part of a year now maybe (first used the cooler method) and last winter I upgraded to the anova circulator. Absolutely love sous vide...I probably use sous vide 60-70% of the time (still has novelty this my wane eventually). One of the only down sides to sous vide (other than me wanting to buy gadgets to along with all this high tech cooking methods) is cooking times, specifically on proteins such as steak or chicken or something simple. I've been thinking to myself, there's got to be away to automate this like some of the fancier crock pots. I recen
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