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  1. You know what the Comptoir Gascon sells great terrine of foie gras.Making a delicious terrine de foie gras could be risky ... because of the actual price and the fragile nature of the thing....
  2. I heard the place is not doing sooo goooood....complete change of managment...staff...redoing part of the space into something totally different..? are all the diffrerent spaces busy..cafe...pastry shop....
  3. well thanxs there Chopper i will take note of these establishments.... and make sure to pay them a visit.
  4. I' d like to go in some of Paris most amazing Brasserie's can I get some names please thanxs
  5. I have worked a few years ago in Yaletown situated in the False creek area and was wondering if it was now busy , restaurents , bars , stores..life
  6. Perhaps you might be sitting down with us chopper...celebrating a new beginning....for many of us!!!
  7. Thanxs for the tips ...Rosalie is that new place near st-catherine right...is it the same people as buanna notte?How expensive is it? I d like to go with some good friends of mine next week...
  8. Where can I go eat the freshest little living creatures in town....perhaps u can help me
  9. I am going to London in the begginning of march and was wondering if Le club Gascon was a great restaurent.
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