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  1. I enjoy Don Julio, Herradura and Corralejos. Btw, what cocktail(s) are you making with it? *I jsut noticed a few threads below is an "All about Tequila" topic.
  2. I don't know a ton about Tequila, and I am not familiar with the brand you mention. I'd say though, the most important thing is that you get a 100% agave Tequila and make sure it has a Nom#. Standard Cuervo sliver is not 100% agave but rather a mixto(added sugar).
  3. Cheers for the well wishes. My shaker is tin+glass. Its hysterical watching my gf trying to hit it, she just doesnt have the strength or cooridination or something. I also have an aboslut vodka promo shaker with some kinda foamy stuff on the outside that I never use. Seems that one opens more easily, especially with a whack from my wooden muddler.
  4. Any ideas on how to break the seal of a boston shaker when one has a broken left wrist? Serious question.
  5. I agree with you 100% that if you are going to serve a Manhattan any other way than up, then you should ask first. Every cocktail book I own also backs this up. I was at a very highly rated gastro pub in Chicago a couple months ago and was surprised that my Manhattan was served on the rocks with a twist. I actually mentioned it(among other things) in a Trip Advisor post and I was run out of town on a rail by people telling me that it's totally "standard" to serve them on ice.
  6. A little late, but have you tried the trick in the Joy Of Mixology book? Take a lemon or lime wedge, dash it with Angostura, put it between your teeth and suck - hiccups are gone! Worked for my GF and I thought it might be the power of suggestion, but then I did it a few weeks later and it really works. Made a very "standard" Mai Tai tonight: 1oz Appleton V/X 1oz La Mauny Ambre .5 oz Cointreau .5 oz orgeat (Monin) .75 lime juice dash ss Quite rich tastng.
  7. Yeah, for sure. I had a dram neat followed by an old fashioned. Wonderful. I did read something like that from a certain "captain" also. He's the only source I've heard this from, so can't be sure it's a fact. He comes across as a bit of a *ic* and self promoter the way he comments on just about every rum review out there - just my opinion. But, then again, I seem to agree with his reviews a LOT. I also think he's trying to do something good for rum(drinkers). In any case, MGXO suits my tastes very well, so I hope they keep doing it this way.
  8. 21st Century, Agaveles Blanco tequila, Lemon juice, Creme de Cacao, Ricard rinse. Not sure I'd make it again, but enjoyable none the less.
  9. pto


    I love it! However, I have nothing to compare it to as it's the only falernum available here. That said, I find it nice and spicy - strong clove and cinnamon/allspice, thick mouthfeel, not overly sweet. It also has this slight soapy thing going on (but not in an unpleasent way). I usually cut back (i.e. 1/2 oz when a recipe calls for 3/4 oz), otherwise it can tend to take over. Going to try making my own when this bottle nears it's end.
  10. pto


    Coudn't decide between a bourbon drink or a rum swizzle, so made a Bourbon Swizzle 2oz Wild Turkey 101 1/2 oz Falernum 3/4 oz lime jiuce 3 dashes Peychauds 3 dashes Angosura I haven't finished reading the whole discussion on layered vs. mixing bitters in, but I like the the bitters on top because of the look plus the fantastic aromatics you get. Also seems to me that the bitters slowly make thier way down into the drink and it develops nicely as you sip. I also thought the WT worked quite well with the falernum and lime. Wasn't sure if the falernum and Peychauds would clash, but tasted pretty good to me.
  11. Here you can choose between 40 and 47 with Beefeater and same with Tanqueray "normal" at 40 and an "Export Strength version at 47.5, similar with Gordons and Bombay. Just depends on which shop you go to as to which they carry. Seems like the higher proof ones are actually cheaper or at least the same price. All the US made stuff sold here(Bulleit, Sazerac, etc) is the same as in US, but for some reason Buffalo Trace bourbon is 40% (label shows that it was bought from a UK distributor) annoying. UK must have tougher regs or much higher taxes on over 40 and maybe Austrailia is the same.
  12. Seems quite highly regarded in Tiki circles as a lower shelf dark rum though, most seem to prefer over Myers or Cruzan blackstrap. I haven't tried it yet as it's not available here. I did notice that the images of older bottle lables state 40%.
  13. A colleague brought me yesterday from New Zealand and a few weeks back from the UK. Surprised that the Coruba is only 37 abv...almost approaching liqueur, wonder why they didn't at least go for 40?
  14. Made 2 drinks trying to kill of this bottle of J&B scotch. First one was a recipe I came across on EG about 8 months ago and copied onto my phone, but hadn't made yet. I take it all back 2 oz blended scotch .5 oz elderflower liqueur 1 dash regans orange/fees orange 1 dash whiskey barrel aged bitters Preceding the recipe, the poster had written "OK, I take it all back. I just made this new old fashioned thing. Oh man oh man." I don't know the name of this drink, so in my cocktail recipe book, I called it the "I take it all back" and I agree, Oh man oh man! Second one is from Difford's Guide, French Whisky Sour 2 oz blended scotch .5 oz Ricard 1 oz lemon juice .5 oz ss egg white 3 dashes angostura Pretty good, if a tad sweet
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