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  1. Mellow Mushroom is a joke.

    The best pies are from Cinelli's (I'm fond of the one @ North Hills & Wake Forest)

    Also, for non-ny style I can't believe no one wrote about Moonlight (corner of morgan & boylan) which is fab, and captial creations. Bella Monica's pies are good, you can even get them frozen @ Whole Foods.

  2. When I was growing up in the mtns of nc in the 1980s beans and cornbread was a regular item on the school lunch menu, along with a side of greens and the option of a box of buttermilk. Somehow I do not think the way Asheville is now that it would be on the menu.

    Meanwhile, thanks for the inspiration. I've bemoaning, make that BEANMOANING my sparse pantry and yet, I am going to have a tasty dinner tonight.

  3. this north cackalackian is ready for this kind of food & experience. I have already cut and pasted the url for this thread to share with a friend and my father. There is a scene for this, I think you'll have to though, spread the word outside of the college community and into the rest of the triangle. Go hang out at some restaurant bars, give waitstaff your card...I say post a cryptic message here and there. I also suggest deleting this thread and perhaps posting something about your cooking, and the regular folks will know to tell others.

    As far as people selling food out of thier own kitchens, I think it happens more than we realise. Like this man who used to sell breakfast at my office. Every day he'd show up with biscuits, danishes and hardboiled eggs--IN A SUITCASE!!!

  4. My three faves-

    1)canned beans, usually chickpeas black beans drained and sauted briefly with garlic and some hot red pepper w. some rice (those precooked bags of rice are great for the lazy and cook in 90 seconds), and some bagged salad.

    2)Quesadilla-cheese tortilla salsa and frying pan.

    a tad classier

    2)spaghetti with clam sauce-garlic, white wine(or not), one can of chopped clams, Parsely (optional), and red pepper flakes--I posted this recipe eons ago on the recipe gullet.

  5. Michelle thank you so much, funnily enough I have been contemplating making aliyah of late (for everyone--that is immigrating to Israel) and this blog totally tugged at my heart & stomach rings! It made me think of my time on Kibbutz, like the person who posted above me (Ma'Ale Hachmisha), being able to eat fresh food that wasn't too far from its sorce, getting scolded in the shuk for touching the tomatoes a little too long. It also made me realize how much I missed out on as well! I never knew about the rice spices for instance.

    Thank you & I"ll be anxiously awaiting a Part III

  6. Hi, did you happen to notice if they have any vegetarian entrees? I am going up there with a friend who is a vegetarian this weekend for dinner, and this sounds like a good place to try out and in my price range.


  7. CARY! CARY!


    Why must they put cool stuff like this in a place that is devoid of culture, a big sprawl of matching boxes.

    As excited as I am about the store, I am not excited about driving there.

    Seriously, I never understood why some stores choose Cary over Raleigh, or Durham over Raleigh. Sour grapes aside, can someone please educate me on this?

  8. The bottom line is Durham has a bad reputation, at least throughout the Triangle. This is a food forum, but a lot of that "bad reputation" is based in some racism.

    When I think of Durham, I think of Winston-Salem. Both cities built on the tobacco and prestigious universities. Both cities are also very divided between rich and poor.

    I can go on forever, but if Durham wants to have more growth, they need to do some PR big time.

  9. 1. It is a sichuan tofu dish called flower bean curd. Basically, very soft warm tofu with scallions, cilantro, vinegar, and chili sauce. Of course each recipe varies slightly. I've had it before with toased soy nuts on top, but they don't offer that. It's really quite satisfying.

    Thanks detlechef. I've googled the hell out of "flower bean curd" since last night and can't seem to come up with anything..(I'm a major info junkie)

  10. While I am tempted to put my first question on the Chinese forum, perhaps some of you who have been to Grand Asia can help me answer it

    1. In the area in the front where they have the restaurant and bakery, there is a stand in the middle where they serve what appears to be tofu with different toppings. What is this? Any recommendations?

    2. Have any of you purchased any of their fresh seafood or meats? How is the quality?

    3. Lastly, I was tempted to buy a scallion roasted chicken, but didn't. Have any of you tried this?

    Thanks a bunch!

  11. My sister and I are trying to recreate my grandmother's long missed NY style Italian christmas dinners. It has been eons. Anyway, I am brainstorming on what to put on the antipasti platter other than meat, cheese, roasted peppers, olives. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

  12. Of course, this was still while intoxicated, so the first mentioned does not count as place I, nor anyone else I know, would eat at sober:

    1) Time Out, Chapel Hill, NC - southern-fried goodness served up 27/7, 365 days a year; I was particularly fond of the mashed potatoes with gravey and buttermilk biscuits


    Yes! Chicken, egg and cheese biscuit from Time Out! I just recently had a drunken food orgy there after a show at the cradle--fried okra and mac'n' cheese. YUM!

    First time I ate there I woke up smelling like fried chicken the next day, which is better than smelling like a bar.

    BUT THE BEST meal I've ever had while intoxicated was at Krispy Kreme, my friend and I were there for your classic Krispy Kreme donut. As we stood in line with the cops and other drunks we eyed donuts that appeared to be KK's with big puffs of whipped cream and a cherry. Looked good to us. We went out side to much on our donuts--they were not whipped cream, but about 3/4 cup of icing--so painfully sweet and we ate every last bite.


    PS. Tabasco slim jims and "roller" ie. a nasty hot dog that rolls around on the grill at a convience store. That is my typical drunken fest and I love it.

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