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  1. Can anyone recommend suppliers of freeze dried fruit powders? in Canada or USA?
  2. I wondered does anyone know which heart mold Norman Love uses? I like the shape and also the domes? I would like to buy molds the same shape but sizes can vary? I've seen some 15g ones but that seems a bit too large? Also, I have been looking at badger airbrushes, with a view to buy. But have noticed on the packaging it says the airbrush contains material known to cause cancer? What are your views on this and is their a safer alternative? I would much appreciate every one's advice
  3. Thankyou Kerry, your answer is much appreciated! Caramels and Marshmallow, these are the candies I am trying to perfect but it's not easy. Can I ask what you would think the perfect depth for caramels are? I thought half inch? is this too deep? Most recipes I've tried tell you the size tin to use but the caramels always end up too thin
  4. Can anyone give me advice on marshmallows? I have made the recipe from C&C and it turned out a bit "wet"? I didn't like the texture. Also, do we need to add the invert sugar? He doesn't use it in his "at home" book, so I wondered what s the reason for it and if omitted what would be used to replace it? Does anyone use a different recipe other than Greweling? I also have varying degrees of success with sponge candy and I notice he uses gelatin in his C&C book but not in the "at home" recipe. Can anyone tell me the purpose of the gelatin? I don't want to use unnecessary ingredients if it's not essential. Thank you in advance
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