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  1. Thanks for all the responses. Seems like both are great options. Hard to believe Istanbul has turned touristy, still relatively "exotic" by the American view. Suppose any city that big and international it will be bound to happen though. Still not sure what my plan is but will try to fill in with some details and pictures wherever I end up.
  2. Hi All, Planning on getting just a bit off the beaten track in my upcoming travels and would love to check out one of the two countries listed for anywhere from 2-6 weeks. Obviously this is largely subjective, but to anyone who has personal exerience with them, would either stand out as better choice? Do they both have active food scenes across the spectrum from street food to higher end? Also would love to get a short term job while I'm there but not sure how likely that is. Has worked out in a couple countries already but none that were quite so foreign. Would it be possible to find some cooking job (possibly even English speaking) for a month or so to fund my time there? Any insights would be appreciated. Matt :Edited to specify job type
  3. Hi all, Im an American cook currently traveling through Italy attempting to stage at some restaurants. I have been running into a legal issue where it seems that restaurants are not allowed to take stagiares without some sort of written agrerment that needs to be authorized by..? I cant seem to find much info onthis though so was wondering if anyone here has any knowledge or experience in the matter. Any help would be much appreciated. Matt