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  1. I like to make tequila por mi amante (strawberry-infused tequila) in the spring. I do a Margarita variant with it and some rhubarb bitters. You could do a weeks-long simple infusion, or you could blend the strawberries with the tequila and then freeze the mixture overnight and strain the solids. I imagine gin or light rum would work well too. At least here in New York, it's definitely hot enough (at least occasionally) for highballs. I've been enjoying G 'n Ts, Scotch and soda, and Dark 'n Stormys (which might be a good use for your Lemon Hart). Cynar with soda and a squeeze of lemon or orange can be very refreshing. You could also take advantage of some spring produce to make purees or syrups to use in your drinks. Rhubarb syrup is tangy and plays well with both light and dark spirits; I like it with gin and tequila. Anything with mint, too: it's a great time for a Gin-Gin Mule. And of course: punch! I had one last spring with bourbon, strawberries, and Aperol (you could substitute Campari) that was amazingly refreshing, though I don't recall the recipe. Edit: effervescent drinks are perfect this time of year, including the French 45 and all its variants. Beer cocktails are a possibility.
  2. Astor still has 15% off all tequila and mezcal for the rest of the day. They deliver to most states. They've got Ilegal joven for $40! Right now I'm enjoying Calle 23's very good and well priced blanco with some cucumber juice and Angostura in soda. I hear their reposado is even better but I haven't found it for sale around here.
  3. The drinks and the bar look beautiful, and the barkeep has a certain blurry charm.
  4. I thought: it's a cooking forum, I might as well dress the part. That drink's near the top of my to-try list, by the way. Very Cinco de Mayo-appropriate.
  5. 1.50 oz Punt e Mes .50 oz Cynar .25 oz Maraschino Stir, strain, coupe, lemon twist. Yes. Will definitely make this again.
  6. Don't know whether there are Cinco de Mayo sales where you live, but if so, now's the time. Ilegal Joven is $40 right now around here, though even that's out of my current range. :-/
  7. Thanks. I've had and enjoyed Rhum JM blanc and it sounds like La Favorite is the next to try. I take it you're not a mezcal fan then? Edit: In New York at least La Favorite blanc is $32 for a whole liter, which isn't bad at all. And it's 100 proof. That makes it around the same price per ounce as Rittenhouse bonded (which is $23 for 750ml here).
  8. I am stirring this dormant thread awake just to thank Lisa2k for saving me the trek to the UWS and the $4/cookie with her Levain copycat recipes. My feet and wallet thank you, even if my waistline is silently cursing you.
  9. Do you mind mentioning/discussing a few of your favorites? I'm just starting to get into rhum agricole and I'm wondering what the grassiest/funkiest/most complex and delicious examples are, as well as whether it's worth the price increase from similarly funky and grassy cachaca. (I understand that prices are much lower in France, so I'll have to buy a bottle or two next time I'm there.)
  10. ! Those go for 4-5 times that around here. And I'm pretty sure the Guyana/d'Yquem is no longer available.
  11. A batida (fresh fruit-flavored cachaca sour) might be a good model. Here's an example: Watermelon Batidaby Dan Chadwick, but surely lots of people have done this sort of thing.2 oz Cachaça1/2 oz Lime juice1/4 oz Simple syrup (or more to taste)1 oz Watermelon (pureed with immersion blender)1 spg Mint (muddled) Puree watermelon, muddle mint, add ingredients, shake w/ ice, fine strain. Rocks. Low-ball --Kindred Cocktails | Craft + Collect + Concoct + Categorize + Community
  12. Sours and swizzles are good ways to tame fiery spirits; all the ice, fresh juice, and sugar help take the edge off, and can complement (or drown out if you're not careful) the aromatic flavors of the spirit. I haven't had Baijiu. Is it as intensely aromatic as schochu? Another idea might be to use it as a float in recipes with another base spirit, the way that Tiki drinks use intensely aromatic overproof rums.
  13. I guess that when I decided to ask a group of talented and knowledgeable bark folk and cocktail enthusiasts for good cheap-ish punch recipes I should've known I'd get more good recipes than I knew what to do with. (Man, that's an ugly sentence.) Keep them coming, though! I'd be happy for this to turn into a general recipe-sharing thread for good punches, thrifty or otherwise. Campus Five, that Brandy Punch recipe is mighty tempting, not least because it uses so little booze relative to some of the others. It looks a bit sweet for my tastes though.
  14. Damn. We're really spoiled down here. You made a great choice for an everyday bourbon, though! And at least you can get Havana Club.
  15. Jim Beam Black is the same juice, a year younger and at a lower (but still respectable) proof, at less than half the price.
  16. On the fancier end of things, Elijah Craig 12 and Four Roses Single Barrel are excellent sippers and a steal at under $30. The Four Roses yellow label is a decent everyday mixer.
  17. Hi Yojimbo, This recent thread on Chuck Cowdery's blog about good values in bourbon has a lot of great suggestions. Make sure to read the comments as well. Bourbon is one of the great values in spirits, and you can find very respectable bottles for under $15, like Jim Beam Black and Evan Williams Black Label. I'm not a big bourbon drinker (I prefer Scotch for sipping and rye for mixing), so I don't usually like to spend more than $20 or so on a bottle. Weller 107, a wheated bourbon, is a great value, and I hear great things about the 12 year old. Old Grand Dad, which is rye-heavy, is also wonderful, both in its bonded and 114-proof expressions. All of these are around $20. Buffalo Trace, a good all around mixing and sipping bourbon, is a little more expensive, as is the badass Wild Turkey 101, which in some moods I'm inclined to call my favorite bourbon in the world.
  18. I, wh-- were you at my last party, by any chance? Awesome. Your recipe? Oh dear. I hope she never finds this. This does sound really good, and I think Aperol's bitterness is mild enough for this crowd. The huge amount of fresh grapefruit does give me pause, but I could probably cut it a bit and supplement it with other forms of acidity (citric acid, or plain old bottled grapefruit as you say), especially as flavor-wise it seems a bit redundant (Aperol + lime = grapefruit). Or I could go to this grocery store in Chelsea where they sell white grapefruits the size of volleyballs and stomp on a few of those.
  19. Seale's! I've been meaning to try that for ages. Please do share your thoughts once you've tried it. I haven't done any shopping lately, but I'm going to take advantage of the Cinco de Mayo sales this weekend to restock up on tequila and mezcal.
  20. Mother's Ruin for Mother's Day? Awesome. I will! From what I've read, the Cocchi Rosa is punchy enough that it could probably stand on its own with some lemon and a bit of dilution. But I'm sure a few fresh strawberries and some bourbon (just in time for the Derby) won't hurt it. It looks as if you've got the food and libations covered; my only contribution, then, is to ask whether you really want to call her your girlfiend. I mean, if she's down with it, that's cool... (Heh.) This went right over my head. If only there were a word that described an irreverent, winking tone I could use to describe the content of this post.
  21. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I think Mother's Ruin Punch would be a big hit, and as you say thrifty with Beefeater or Broker's (also around $15) and a Cremant (which is my usual cost-saving strategy when a recipe calls for Champagne and I feel like something more complex than cheap Prosecco or Cava). I may do that and a big sangria-type punch with a couple of bottles of Cocchi Americano Rosa or Lillet Rose (~$16).
  22. I might also leave out a cheap bottle of wine or two, or a liter of a cheap but good blended Scotch like Bank Note with some soda, so people can serve themselves. Or encourage guests to BYOB as well.
  23. For a pre-batched punch of 12 servings (roughly one bottle of tequila) that means about 12 limes, which isn't so bad. I could always just make the punch without the citrus and leave a bowl of cut limes for people to juice themselves, 'Ti Punch-style. Actually, a 'Ti Punch would be a great idea, if it weren't for Maybe I should rebel and make a punch-sized Ashtray Heart and tell them it's Scotch.
  24. My girlfiend's birthday is coming up, and we're hosting 20 or so of our friends, and some of their friends and family, in our apartment. Along with music, I'm in charge of food and libations. We've agreed on a budget of about $100 for both. Food will be very cheap (I'm just going to make (killer) guacamole and brownies and buy chips), which leaves drinks. Since I'd rather spend the party socializing and imbibing than mixing, and because spring is here, punch seems like a great option. My question is: what are good punch recipes that can be made for reasonably cheap? As much as I love a good Fish House Punch or Swedish Punsch, it's probably not worth it to spend the money on authentic peach brandy or Batavia Arrack for a casual get-together of non-cocktailian friends. At the same time, I'd like something refined and delicious, both because I like to treat my guests well and because I'll be drinking it, too. The only 'dietary' restriction I have to observe is that some guests [think they] don't like rum. By coincidence, I'm low on just about every spirit except for rum, so I'll need to make some purchases. Right now my idea is to make punch versions of the following two cocktails, the first of which was designed for my girlfriend's tastes and will therefore be a hit with at least one guest, and the latter of which is just a good refreshing whiskey drink. Enamoradaby Rafa García Febles, NYC2 oz Blanco tequila (strawberry-infused)1 oz Elderflower liqueur, St. Germain3/4 oz Lime juice1 ds Rhubarb bitters, Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters Rhubarb1 oz Sparkling rosé wine Shake all but sparkling wine, strain, serve up or on a rock, top with rosé. I Should Buy A Boat (altered)by Joseph Tkach, Seattle, WA, altered by Rafa García Febles, NYC.1 1/2 oz Bourbon1 oz Grapefruit juice1/2 oz Cinnamon syrup2 oz Champagne1 sli Grapefruit Shake, strain, lowball, rock, top with Champagne, garnish with grapefruit slice and a bit of fresh cinnamon. --Kindred Cocktails | Craft + Collect + Concoct + Categorize + Community These (or at any rate the first one) are rather on the expensive side, though, so I'm looking for alternatives. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  25. How about just "The happiest little stone fruit." I was kind of hoping to play off that Ben & Jerry's flavor. I've been called Cherry Garcia by too many people not to want to pay them back.
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