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    How'd you guess! Haus Alpenz is no longer their distributor stateside. Whether the price hike and fancy new bottle design was the producer's idea or the new distributor, I don't know.
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    Great news, everyone. Zucca lives.
  3. I am extremely happy to learn this, for so many reasons.
  4. A rum-based Manhattan is a Palmetto. A white Palmetto, with blanc vermouth, unaged cane juice rum, and tiki bitters is a nice summertime variation—we have one on the menu at our rooftop bar. I have a Pusser's-based Brooklyn variation floating somewhere around Kindred. I don't think rum Brooklyns (or Greenpoints or Cobble Hills or Bushwicks or...) are made or called for enough to have common names, but they can be very tasty (as well they should be, featuring rum).
  5. A year ago Sunday, Sasha Petraske died. His Wikipedia page is a disappointment. He deserved better from us as a culture. I drank a Daiquiri in his honor. I'm drinking a Daiquiri right now. When you read this, wherever you are, I hope you resolve to join me in a Daiquiri at your leisure, to toast a man who would have us drink more sensibly, who treated our enjoyment of our brief lives with the seriousness it deserves.
  6. 1 1/2 oz Cynar 1 1/2 oz Grapefruit juice 3 oz Prosecco Build and chill in Collins on KD cubes, garnish with a grapefruit slice, straw. I gave this to my beverage director to sample for our brunch menu. He took a sip, took another, and then left with the glass. I think that's a yes.
  7. Woops, yes. Make yourself a Paper Plane, if you haven't had one yet.
  8. Yes. The Rabarbaro Sfumato is absolutely delicious on its own, but I haven't found many applications where I prefer it to Zucca, which it was brought to the US market to replace. Mezcal is an obvious dance partner; here's a drink that the head bartender at Boston's Hojoko (my bar's sister bar) had me make him with Zucca but which I also like with the Sfumato: 1 oz Mezcal 1 oz Cappelletti Aperitivo (or Zucca) 1 oz Cappelletti Rabarbaro Sfumato Stir, strain, rock, orange twist (though I like a lemon twist too). Have fun with the Nonino. It's a classic for a reason.
  9. Cappelletti is not really a synonym for Campari; it's more like a bottled Americano, with the wine notes from a vermouth. Dan's homemade sub sounds like a good way to go in this drink (I've tried it with just Campari and didn't care for it). I do recommend picking up a bottle of the Cappelletti on the sturdy grounds that it's delicious; a taste for it is also apparently a Boston "thing," for what that's worth, or so my Boston-based employers tell me.
  10. As long as it's not syrupy it should work. If it's syrupy, simply omit the simple, which is there for texture.
  11. If Combier Abricot is as dry as Combier L'Orange then yes.
  12. 1 oz Smith & Cross 1/2 oz Cappeletti Aperitivo 1/2 oz Giffard apricot 3/4 oz Lime juice 1/4 oz Simple syrup Lately this riff on the Millionaire (that's also sort of a Mai Tai if you squint) has been my jam.
  13. Sorry to repeat what I already said on Facebook, Chris, but: I like Mezcal instead of Islay for the rinse when I'm feeling summery. As is, I also get lots of iced coffee notes. Glad to know my girlish charms have been missed. I've been busy tending bar.
  14. I wouldn't call Krogstad rough at all—it's a beautifully made spirit. Brennevin has much less anise, yes, and a bit of ethanol on the nose at room temperature. I would say it's less intense than Krogstad. That said, it mixes beautifully. if you can get your hands on some of Brennivin's yearly sherry cask-aged release, that's a wonderful spirit, with the dry caraway counteracting the raisin and oak notes.
  15. Brennevin is more caraway-forward than Krogstad, amd rougher on its own.
  16. The Dair Ghaelach is quite good. A much classier drink to imbibe tonight than green beer.
  17. The app is worth it. In addition to the revised recipes, there are more than a hundred newer drinks, and photographs for new and old drinks alike.
  18. Mermaid Ave: pineapple rum, apricot eau de vie, orgeat, lime, soda. The garnish is a mint spring skewered through a raspberry and pinned to an orange half wheel.
  19. Exactly. @JoNorvelleWalker, the meats (and other foodstuff) in pechuga mezcals are distilled, not infused, so no danger there. (Other than inadvertently feeding a vegetarian or kosher guest some pork.)
  20. Don't mess around with psychoactive substances or any kind of meat infusion in alcohol unless you really understand the science of alcohol solubility. These can be very dangerous. And never infuse tobacco, ever. With that unfortunately necessary-in-my-experience warning out of the way, welcome! I would look at recipes you want to make and start with whatever basic syrups they call for—simple syrup, grenadine, cinnamon, and so on. There's plenty of discussion on how best to make them on these forums, and feel free to ask away on any specifics.
  21. I admit to some snark, but I also think that's a more accurate description of the product. (Which I enjoy and extensively employ.)
  22. Dank rum old fashioned, i.e. my Corn 'n Oil recipe with a couple of dashes of bitters: 1/2 oz each of Denizen Merchant's Reserve, Smith & Cross, Cruzan Blackstrap molasses vodka, Novo Fogo aged cachaça, and house falernum, with Angostura bitters and a pinch of nutmeg.
  23. Prediluted and pre-chilled, ready to drink straight from the flask, in some cases with a twist (lemon for the Widow's Kiss and our bottled Old Fashioneds; orange for Señor Presidente). These are individually sized (100ml). The Corn 'n Oil was my favorite and drank great from the bottle, but I think I might serve it instead on the rock with a pinch of nutmeg.
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