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  1. Is this over near the JCC?
  2. Does anyone have the scoop on this new David Burke restaurant in Millburn?
  3. I don't know, but the "restaurant listings" section in the back of the magazine is a paid section. And it has the appearance of a real, unbiased listing, but only advertisers and restaurants that pay get listed. Very sneaky. ← This is partly true. The listing in the back of the book is made up of reviewed restaurants and advertisers. This isn't different than most other magazines and newspapers. I don't have any statistics about the number of advertisers in the Best survey, but can tell you that only about 25% of advertisers get reviewed in any year.
  4. A thought on the bar... there is a third alternative to open and cash bar, a consumption bar. You can control the cost further by limmiting what is served. Enjoy the celebration!
  5. bethb


    Took some people for a holiday lunch onMonday and would not return. The food was good (okay, the acorn squash soup was fanastic), but the service was awful. We were seated and given a wine list. I asked about a list by the glass and the waiter mumbled something and came back 10 minutes later with the list. When he returned to take our drink order, he also wantes to take our food order, but we had never received menus. It took forever to bring out the food, he never checked back to see if we needed anything. At a restaurant of this quality, I find it disconcerting when the waiter has to ask who gets what with a party of four. We sat for quite a while after we were done and finally had get another waiter to find him to ask about coffee and dessert. Again, the waiter was nowhere to be found and I had to find him to get the bill. After waiting 10 minutes for him to come take the payment, I got up and went to the front and took care of it myself. We heard that the manager went over to Headquarters Plaza, maybe that's the difference between the early raves and now.
  6. Crystal Plaza can provide Kosher food, but is not a strictly Kosher establishment--had an event there with a clam bar!
  7. Most country clubs can be rented for private weddings w/out knowing a member. Brroklake is one, as is Cedar Hill.
  8. In general for 250 w/dance floor, hotels are your best bet. That said, Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange, Crystal Plaza in Livingston are great places. There is a new place in Bridgewater something Palace. I'm not sure of the capacity of Oakside in Bloomfield, but the owner also has a spectacular place in Sussex County, Skylands manor, frungillo.com. Here is the most incredible place to get married in the whole state. It costs a fortune, don't know what the budget is: bonnet island estate 2400 East Bay Avenue, Bonnet Island, 609-494-9100; www.bonnetislandestate.com The Bonnet Island Estate, located on Bonnet Island in Barnegat Bay, was originally built in the late 1800s and has been rebuilt by the Vernon family, combining the grandeur of a nineteenth-century Southern beach mansion with the luxury of today. And since the estate is surrounded by the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, you’ll feel like you’re on your own private island. The Great room can host a brunch, cocktail reception, or an afternoon tea. The Ballroom can accommodate up to 250 for dinner and dancing. A chapel is also available for a rustic ceremony or an intimate reception. Their exclusive catering service offers specialties from their award-winning chef. Twelve suites are available for you and your guests. You can rent the entire estate or just the common areas on the first floor. Lease rates start at $13,000.
  9. Loving Cathay 22, but not loving the schlep from Livingston, we were excited tolearn that at a chef from Cathay 22 was here. While the chef is from Cathay 22, the service is not. I've been twice. We weren't treated well either time. And yes, the Chinese customers get better food and better service. Wouldn't return and wouldn't recommend it.
  10. Go to Dock's, absolutely. You can get BYOB Italian anywhere!
  11. So sorry about your husband Allison, best of luck. (And I have to agree with you on Nana's tuna!) Roadrunner delivers from many local restaurants to Livingston, not sure in Millburn. People can even give gift certificates! Chicken Nest has awesome skinless fried chicken. While they're sort of homless right now because of a fire, they are still doing catering. Give them a call, and don't leave out the chicken soup and matzah balls from your order. They also have great vegetarian chopped liver. There are also two delis owned by families who live in Livingston, so they may deliver--Hobby's in Newark and Zayda's in South Orange. And both understand the difference between adult and kid food! People will not be offended by you making suggestions--they want to help. A friend recently very nicely said, you know, everyone has sent over ziti and chicken parm (probably thinking they are kid friendly) and I'd love a nice roast chicken. I was so happy she said that because when we brought over the Eppes Essen chicken dinner, I knew we were really helping her. Beth
  12. Second on Dock's, great seafood!
  13. bethb

    88 Cafe

    We ordered takeout once and probably won't do so again. Food was just so-so. Plus, the order taker couldn't answer a simple question... do you have Toro... and got a little rude.
  14. Recently tried this restaurant and was quite pleasantly surprised. It's across from the Turtleback Zoo. For some reason, we thought it was one of those all you can eat places, but it wasn't. Went for dim sum with the kids over New Year's weekend and had a great time. They offered a wide selection and it was all good. So, we checked out the menu. They actually have 2 menus, one that is more "authentic" and one that is more Americanized. Both were intriguing enough for us to try them for dinner. We started with a seafood hot and sour soup that was unlike any hot and sour soup we've ever had, it wasn't that brown color, but clear instead. The seafood included lobster--and plenty of it. The "dim sum" appetizer that we had next was 3 kinds of dumplings--har gow, shu mai and a leek dumpling. Had a tough time on entrees, wished we were with another couple or two so we could sample more, but finally narrowed it down to shrimp and squid in an XO sauce and roast duck. It was such a change of pace from the other local Chinese restaurants!
  15. Landmark offers decent food for a decent price, but beware... you'll need a shower after because it is sooo smoky!
  16. Decided on Arthur's Landing, but didn't take Rosie's advice to call 1st... not open for lunch! Enede up at Spirito Grill, decent lobster salad.
  17. Need to take a Weehawken-based client to lunch next week, she wants to stay in Weehawken. Any ideas?
  18. bethb


    Ever since Calabria expanded, it has gone downhill. Don't think they expanded the kitchen or staff. The food was adequate before, now it is barely adequate, plus you have to wait forever for it. The "fancy" side was always a bit of a rip off, and now it is just unbearable. Rosie is right, there are better choices in the area.
  19. Dock's has excellent seafood.
  20. Went for a group dinner on Tueday that had originally been booked at Bella Rosa. Here is the menu Mixed Green or Caesar Salad Rigatoni w/Vodka Chicken Marsala or Salmon with green peppercorn in as sherry wine sauce or Tilapia with roasted garlic white wine sauce Tiramisu Service was excellent--I love it whe nmy water glass is refilled without having to hunt someone down! Special orders were handled well--dressing on the side, half portion of pasta instead of whole. Food was just okay. Most of these items don't seem to be on the regular menu, but they were trying to honor a deal made with Bella Rosa while not making the same dishes.
  21. Pierre's (Harding, five minutes from Morristown) has private rooms upstairs.
  22. New in Livingston: Mondays at the Livingston Mall. It was very small this week, but I found a lot of local produce... peaches, blueberries, peas, cherry tomatoes.. ot at least they said it was and none of it had stickers!
  23. Try the Washington Inn for a nice dinner. There used to be a small hole-in-the-wallplace called Louisa's that didn't take reservations, but had excellent food, don't know if it's still there.
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