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  1. Maria C. Ascarrunz

    Picadillo: my first try

    Hi! I'm fairly new here too. Picadillo is usually a sweet-ish dish, and i've typically had it served over rice (and I've made it that way as well). and I guess you could use tortillas on the side to scoop it up, but I have personally not had it as a burrito-type filling. if you were to use some of the optional flavorings - some chili peppers - the heat might offset some of the sweetness for you. if you like spicy, that is.
  2. Maria C. Ascarrunz

    Dinner! 2012

    My first paella, in my new paella (cheater) pan - used a shrimp stock, and for proteins i used Spanish chorizo, a chicken thigh, shrimp, steamer clams, and mussels. finishing it off were peas, parsely and lemons. A little palmito salad on the side. The paella turned out great, for the first time. even had the prized socarrat at the bottom, which we scraped clean. will make it again, and next time i'll try it on a grill, and in the oven.
  3. Maria C. Ascarrunz

    Dinner! 2012

  4. Maria C. Ascarrunz

    Dinner! 2012

    i'm brand new here, transplant from CH. go easy on me! i am loving all the wonderful dinners. last night, the BF took our leftover pork shoulder roast (which I'd cooked for 5 hours at 250 degrees the day before) and made a kind of Chinese BBQ sauce for it, glazed the pork, then broiled it for a bit to caramelize. Alongside he made pahjeong. We've been playing around with pancakes - i made an okonomiyaki a couple weeks ago.