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  1. The other day I prepped 2 lbs of short ribs to try the momofuku 48 short rib recipe. The ribs I had gotten from the market were frozen. I had let thaw on my kitchen counter for a couple hours before putting them in the fridge for another 4-5 hours. At which point they the marinade went in and they were vacuum sealed. The meat was not completely thawed through. At this point the meat went into the water bath @ 136.5F, about 15-20 minutes into the cook my SideKIC got all wonky. Sufficed to say I had to pull the meat and not knowing what else to do with it, threw it in the freezer. In the end the meat had been on my counter for a couple hours, in the fridge for another 4-5, and in the water bath for approximately 20-30 minutes. Question is, assuming the meat stays in the freezer up to a week, would it be safe to defrost and attempt to sous vide? or another cooking method (braise maybe)? or is isafe to eat all or is it just trash at this point? Edit: If it matters, meat is frozen in marinade, two separate bags each with six 3-4 ounce chunks of meat w/bone.
  2. Anybody else have issues with the latest stock of SideKICs? I received mine last Friday a few eggs and one steak later, it's broken. Temperature readings are all over the place and the heating element isn't running.
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