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  1. I have a small (2lb/1 rib) dry aged rib roast. The cooking instructions are for an 8lb roast. Roast for 45 minutes at 500F Roast for another 30 at 325F Roast for another 15-30 at 450F Remove when internal temp is 125F and stand for 20 minutes. I'm wondering how to adjust this for the smaller roast? Also, should I use roast or convection roast? Thanks
  2. When making your reservation at 1789, make sure to request a table in the main room downstairs. The atmopshere upstairs is a bit lacking.
  3. I suppose that depends on how good the food is. I don't really know Baltimore all that well, so if eating near the Meyerhoff is not advisable, I guess we'd be willing to branch out, as well.
  4. Heading from DC to Baltimore for a concert at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.... Looking for dinner suggestions that will allow us to park once, and walk to dinner and the show. Thank you!
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