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  1. Ooo, I wish I could try this service: Saffronfix But I'm not in their delivery area.
  2. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Ah cool! I bought it in 2015, so don't feel so bad now haven't not used it yet.
  3. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    The Ottolenghi dishes have been looking fabulous! I have the Plenty ebook (picked it up when it was available for $3.99) but haven't cooked from it yet. Which book do you like more?
  4. And ... back to Purple Carrot (TB12) for dinner (they arrived this morning). First up is a corn and poblano tortilla pie with orange-peppadew salsa. For this one we would be eating dinner very late in the day so I pre-prepped the ingredients (chopping and salsa assembly) hours in advance: The peppadew salsa was great! So easy. Since Whole Foods carries peppadew on the olive bar, I can see making this from time to time. Just a mix of peppadew, orange, lime juice and cilantro. That's it. The tortilla pie was made with beans, corn, poblano pepper, onion, spices, and a little vegan cream cheese (got it this time!). The vegan cream cheese is why they call it a 'quesadilla', but it just adds a subtle note of creaminess.
  5. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Hah! We have prosciutto I need to use up too!
  6. First up this week is Sun Basket with Shrimp Skewers with broccolini, radishes, and chermoula (sauce). This is the right amount of broccolini per serving! Much better than the Purple Carrot portion. We added smoked paprika to the shrimp skewers before searing for a bit more color. Preserved lemon flavors the broccolini.
  7. And the last of this week's 6 meals: Southern Spoonbread from Purple Carrot. The meal kit provided ingredients for a corn spoonbread, a tomato and black-eyed pea gravy, and sautéed swiss chard. And it's Purple Carrot's first mistake with us: the tomato-black-eyed-pea-gravy called for 1/4 cup of vegan cream cheese but it was missing from our box. Now, I'm usually very, very good at checking ingredients before I start cooking but this time I rushed to start cooking when I saw the spoonbread needed to bake for 30 minutes. So I was halfway through the recipe when I discovered the missing ingredient. And I sure don't have that on hand! Looked for a substitute and didn't even have yogurt or anything. So, I had to make quick trip to the store mid-recipe while the spoonbread baked. They only had Tofutti vegan cream cheese (which I consider only so-so) so I got real cream cheese. I also added real bacon to the swiss chard. We actually DO often have veggie bacon on hand (we like veggie 'meats'. A lot), but had recently used the last of ours up. Also, this morning I was at Whole Foods and saw cooked okra and shallots on the hot prepared food bar and thought it would be perfect with dinner. So that's the veggie on the back of the plate. This dish has problems and significant promise. The gravy was exceedingly rich. Maybe vegan cream cheese would be better! The spoonbread needs a bit of work. They didn't tell you what size pan to use, but from their photo it looked like theirs was in a small lodge skillet, so I used an 8" one. To get a crust on the bottom, I preheated the skillet with oil while the oven was coming up to temp, and then added more oil before adding the batter (this worked, see photo). After 30 minutes, the center was still very liquid and had a taste of raw flour. It's supposed to be custardy, but the flour needs to be cooked. So I let it go for a total of about 42 minutes. Maybe their pan was bigger than 8". Despite the problems with the spoonbread, we'd probably get this again! Ready for the coming week, with 9 meals: Sun Basket, Purple Carrot (TB12), and Blue Apron. Liamsaunt, did you make your asparagus pesto pasta yet?
  8. Looks like Purple Carrot just makes silent substitutions. One of our dishes this week was to be Sweet Corn Risotto with Lemon Parmesan Broccolini & Chervil But we didn't get chervil, we got basil. The hard-copy recipe card we got lists basil in all the right places. Not a big deal, but I'd rather they do what Sun Basket does and include a note. Or what Gobble does and send email saying that an item has been substituted. We chose the non-TB12 menu this week since it looked better to us, partly because this risotto was offered and we previously made TB12 corn risotto and loved the taste (see photo previously in this thread -- with artichokes). This version is quite different. It uses regular arborio rice instead of brown arborio. It also has less corn, one ear added as whole kernels cut from the cob instead of two ears with one cooked and pureed and one added whole. The TB12 one also has added coconut powder. I liked the prior version better and my husband likes this one better. This one is closer to a traditional risotto though both are much less rich (no added cheese). The regular menu has smaller portions (the TB12 menu is intended for highly active people who need more calories). I over-roasted the broccolini. My fault, I turned off the oven and left it in thinking the risotto was close to finished, it was not. Oops. So we had very crispy broccolini, still tasty. I wish they had give at least twice as much broccolini, however. They had you juice the lemons and serve the juice on the side. I did so, but really, lemon wedges would have been easier both to serve and to use when eating. Like before I used chicken stock as part of the cooking liquid. I mixed the vegan Parmesan into the risotto but topped with real Parmesan.
  9. Wow, I think you gave them more than enough trial. I've gotten several discount offers for Hello Fresh, but every time I've looked at their menus on offer nothing stands out to me. I hope you got credit for the bad items! We only used Plated, Green Chef, and Chef'd for a few deliveries each. No bad experiences, but just nothing special. Well, Chef'd has some recipes that interesting, but ingredients just were mediocre to average quality. Since they are order on demand, I might order again if the menus on offer from our current services some week aren't to our liking. We previously had just 4 deliveries from Blue Apron, but as I mentioned, their prior selection options frustrated us. So we are trying again. Din was the most amazing during their short life. They shipped with dry ice; the meat always arrived frozen. Oh, and they shipped in reusable insulated shopping bags with handles and zippers (lightweight, not heavy duty ones). They would take them back but also said you could keep them. So we did. Now they are our grocery shopping bags. They look like these Amazon ones But they couldn't make it work (and they tried several business model change-ups). Their quality, ingredients, and shipping method just cost more to provide, and their prices were higher because of it ($15-$20 per serving). Having seen what you get for $10 to $14 per serving from other companies, they were actually a bargain! So it's not surprising they went out of business, they must have bled money. We've also looked into Marley Spoon, PeachDish, Terra's Kitchen (which ships in a cooler), and Home Chef. But so far, none of the menus have tempted us or had a big enough first-timer discount to make a trial worth it.
  10. We have citrus in our front yard and came home to an inspection notice on our door (our trees passed) a couple days ago. I had wondered what prompted the inspection.
  11. Ah Gobble, this is why we still stick with you, as fickle as you are: The color-temp of the photo is a bit off -- the sauce is is actually pale green. This is ravioli with asparagus and fava bean filling served with mix of corn, zucchini, and fresh fava and asparagus quickly sauteed and a provided asparagus-cream puree. Fresh chive blossom (THIS is the kind of garnish they would more regularly do in the earlier days, though usually they gave more than a single blossom to split between two servings!) and shaved parmesan. We only augmented slightly with some red onion and garlic in the sautéed veggies (the red onion being extra from a particularly large onion provided by Purple Carrot for those Jerk Tempeh Tostadas). Summer, I love you. And our figs are coming in and the markets have Hami melons again and lychee, and longan and rambutan and and and ....
  12. Did they give you a completely redone card listing coconut milk instead of coconut cloud powder? The online card (and my hard copy) lists the powder. Sun Basket, more than the others, swaps ingredients from time to time and we get a little notice in our box like this: The zucchini boats look delicious!
  13. Two more dinners. Last night was Gobble -- one of the meat+starch meals Flank Steak with Polenta Way too much meat. I had mine medium rare and my husbands was done well done. So much polenta and beef. Very little veggies so we added more tomatoes, tri-color new potatoes, and asparagus. Now that we have Purple Carrot and Blue Apron in rotation, I'm probably going to cut back on Gobble (although it is convenient to have them since they are quick to prepare). Purple Carrot, regular meal (not TB12) was tonight. Maple Tempeh with Couscous and Plums. The asparagus was mixed in raw to the couscous but worked great! The marinade on the tempeh was quite tasty. Bright flavors with plum, fresh mint, juice from two limes, garlic, and scallions. Couscous also had crunch from toasted almonds (I later added more the top, but after I snapped the photo!)
  14. Phew, I just went back and imported all the recipes from the first year we used Sun Basket into Paprika Recipe Manager. We've ordered 176 meals from Sun Basket consisting of 139 different recipes. 16 of them we had twice, 9 of them 3 times, and one 4 times. I did not count extra dishes were we doubled up during the same week since that's a bit more of pain to figure out. Some dishes are just minor variations. E.g. we like their turkey meatballs. We've had: Gingered Turkey Meatballs in Coconut Milk Broth, Gingered Turkey Meatballs in Japanese Mushroom Broth, Gingered Turkey Meatballs in Lemongrass Broth (the best!) and then the versions 'dry' with cauliflower: Middle Eastern Turkey Meatballs with Cauliflower "Couscous", and Tomato-Braised Turkey Meatballs with Zucchini and Curried Cauliflower (had this 4 different times!). It's also extremely likely we doubled up on many of these, so we've eaten a lot of their turkey meatballs. I think that means I should just keep ingredients on hand to make them myself! For the 'dry' versions with riced/minced cauliflower, stores now sell cauliflower pre-minced, so no need to break out the blender. Sun Basket initially sent whole heads of caulflower in the early days, but now ships it minced for recipes that call for it.
  15. This is what I really like about Purple Carrot so far: less usual ingredients (that I'm unlikely to have on hand) like guava paste and macadamia nuts. They've featured plantains a couple times already and I'm thinking of doing them cuban-style next time (twice cooked, with chunks smashed in-between cookings to give extra surface area for the final frying). I hadn't realized my husband never tried the non-sweet ones before so we really enjoyed that. I used to cook regularly with a partner with a Cuban background so I'm more used to having them. What I also really like about both Sun Basket and Purple Carrot is that they give you full recipes with amounts so you can make the dish yourself again later. And for those who like the Paprika Recipe Manager, both sites' online recipe cards import easily with the Paprika bookmarklet. Also, for pre-prepared ingredients like, say, lemongrass paste from Sun Basket, they are very forthcoming with recipes if you request. And personable: when I requested the lemongrass paste recently, they emailed back to say that two of my recent dishes had the lemongrass paste in them and the ingredients slightly different and here are the two versions!