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  1. @tri2cook i knew there was something i forgot to list. Yeah I use the juice of half a lime. Sorry i was posting quick on the mobile phone when i wrote that, but yes it has to have the lime. Side note: Is there a time limit on which you can edit a post.? i tried to edit the original post of mine to include the lime but no option to edit.
  2. You know what? I've been playing around with making a really intricate "thai Cocktail" lately that im sure would hold up to fish sauce. no measurements yet as I'm still trying to hone it in but the ingredients are as follows... Yellow Curry Jalepeno infused Vodka or Rum (i played with both) Coconut Liqueur (or just coconut milk your call i make my own liqueur) Lemon Grass Simple Syrup (recipe straight out of PDT cocktail book) Fresh Basil Leafs (4) muddled and (1)to garnish. Sprinkle some chili flakes on top if desired. Also others please play around with this and give me your opinions. Hope i Helped.
  3. Actually for me when I am infusing mint or other things like basil, orange zest etc. So you dont get the bitterness or the degredation i use the method of extracting the oils to infuse that Columbine Quillen described at PDX Cocktail Camp earlier this year. you can read about it Here but i've attached a pretty easily understood diagram below. Obviously the sugar isn't necessary but you can if you want
  4. @katie Personally i don't use benton's (though i suppose i should try it some day) I do marketing for whole foods as well as being a cocktail geek serving on certain nights and i use our organic black forest bacon and it has a wonderful deep smokey flavor. As for trying it though.. yeah you kind of have to.. bacon plus the apricot its as if it was fate when it touches your lips with the rich flavor of the egg white too... Delicious.
  5. @Katie Loeb (in regards to drinks using the R&W Apricot and the Bacon Infused 4 roses... Well one of my favorites to make with these two is a tasty fizz using the following proportions: 1.5oz Bourbon 1oz R&W Apricot .5oz Maple Syrup .5oz Fresh Lime 1 Egg White 3 dash pecan bitters dot foam with 3 dots angostura bitters. Its Amazing!
  6. Today or this week rather have been Leblon Cachaca, Four roses Yellow label (infused with bacon for drink making at the houses i visited for thanksgiving, Rothman and Winter Orchard Apricot Liqueur (also for use with bacon bourbon).
  7. The book is amazing. Jim, Don, and their entire staff really knew what they were doing when they came up with these recipes. One thing i enjoyed most about the book is that its one of the first to touch on bar layout and design. Then there are the recipes and illustrations that truly make it a value at the $12.50 i paid for my copy.
  8. Haha, well fair enough Chris. While i won't say I am an expert by any means. I will give my report when the product arrives. I will be making a large batch with the following flavors: Original Pinapple Raspberry Rosemary Mint Apple so it should be fun..
  9. Chris- I have broken down and ordered it online as a friend from bourbon and branch said its completely different without the arabic gum. Thanks for your advice and your recipe though. Katie- No not just trying to give it body. Trying to make a traditional Gomme (gum) syrup. I have been using Small Hand Foods assortment for over a year and figured why not start making my own and infusing with other flavors not available. Thus i was seeing if i could substitute the gum so i could source it locally. Another reason I am doing this vs Rich syrup is that i love the taste/body of gum syrup and find it to be much better and more shelf stable than a rich syrup. Everyone else- thanks for the responses and i hope to be able to lend you advice/knowledge in my future on the forums.
  10. Hey There, I'm new to the forums but have been reading vigorously with extreme excitement over everything that is being concocted on these forums, but that's besides the point. I have been using Small Hand Foods Gum syrups for a little over a year now and am wanting to start experimenting with my own. Thankfully I have some old cocktail books with recipes to make it. However I am having an extremely hard time sourcing Arabic gum (acacia powder) locally. What I am wondering is if Xantham or Guar Gum would suffice in its place (obviously they are a more powerful emulsifier so the dosing would be different) Any input on the matter would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance.. -Nate
  11. I have worked as a barista for years and year and years. Thus a good amount of people that i know are coffee geeks like me and when i told them i was really getting into cocktails etc a good amount of them stressed the fact that they didnt like the taste of cocktails and they would rather stick to coffee. Thus i came up with this little guy. Its a frou frou drink but its quite tasty. For my friends (mainly girls no offense) that don't like too much coffee flavor remove 1/2 oz esp. vodka with a whip cream infused one. "The Ex-Barista" 1.5oz Espresso Infused Vodka .5oz Cream Liqueur .5oz Chambord Splash of Soda (2 dash pecan bitters optional) As for introducing someone into traditional cocktails the two i enjoy having friends try for the first time are Manhattans, Gimlets, and Fizzes. One particular drink i make often for cocktail virgins that usually come over for dinner etc is a Basil Gimlet. I make mine as follows. Basil Gimlet 2oz Hendrick's Gin .5oz Fresh Lime Juice .5oz Agave Syrup 7 Basil Leafs* *Of the basil leaves choose the most visually appealing one and set aside for Garnish. Take the other six and give them a nice slap to release essential oils and muddle them with lime juice and agave at the bottom of Glass. Add ice. Pour gin over ice. Shake and serve in small coupe glass and garnish with set aside Basil Leaf.
  12. A close friend of mine works for a local Liquor distributor brings me lots of liquor that is either promo'd, broken seal, etc as he no longer drinks casually. As much if it isnt top quality i've been using most of it to make infusions, bitters, and playing with crafting cocktails. Here is a spin on th "bento's old fashoned from PDT I have been toying around with that friends haved joked about calling "the winged swine" 2oz Old Crow Reserve (fat washed with Organic Black Forest Bacon Fat) 1/2oz Grade B Maple Syrup 2 Dashes (Black Cherry espresso bitters) Nothing revolutionary but its my first batch of the bitters and i used Ritual Coffee Co's Seasonal Espresso w/ dried black cherries, with some great local herbs.
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