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  1. haha not for me to say Dingley Dell at nutters sounds like a great night
  2. next thursday!!!! I would like to see Paul Foster at Tuddenham Mill get one Alyn Williams at the Westbury get one as for 2 and 3 who knows
  3. champagne is probably the most versatile wine when it comes to food matching, even though therew probably a champagne theat does pair perfectly with blue cheese or jalepenos there entry level champagen at £6.50 a glass Gaston Chiquet is very good and rounded for the price point
  4. give the guys a try before dismissing it as a gimmick!!! I have been and it is good maybe it is not everyones cup of tea so to speak, but it is better to hold judgement until you have been,
  5. here we go guys, 1-ledbury 2-pied a terre (shane osborne) 3-midsummer house 4-colletes at the grove 5-roganic 6-dinner by HB 7-tuddenham mill 8-tanners Plymouth 9-paris house 10- the elephant torquay
  6. if your willing to travel http://www.tuddenhammill.co.uk/ is very good and serving great food by Paul Foster
  7. to be honest guys I just get the apps on the i phone then all to hand when you need them, (but I do buy the hard copies of the ones im in ) :-D
  8. I dunno about this.... The cynical/realistic/business side of me tells me that IF customers were aware that a percentage of no-shows were aaccounted and budgeted for in menu pricing, the abuse of this policy would much, much greater. Thoughts? yes I run a succesful businees and do so by bieng honest with my prices and Pricing structure!! people should pay for what they have reciieved on the given product only not for people who cant be arsed phoning to say sorry I cant make it today, let me know if your in cambridge thoug Ill do you a special deal for all the people that havent turned up this year!!
  9. Mark, thats a staggering amount of no shows. I really am taken aback by how rife this is throughout the industry. Problem is there must be a small percentage of people who would not be prepared to give credit card details out and it could be equally costly in putting people off in the first place. It would certainly sort the wheat from the chaff if you did insist on a credit card, but would it work? From my experience of booking with you I know you take telephone numbers, I did not get a call pre arrival, could this help out a bit if your reception double checked in advance of arrival? I normally get a call in advance from most of the London restaurants. At the very least if you were full on the night it would perhaps forewarn you of a no show enabling you to sell on the table. BTW, I'm not after a job we do call to confirm 24hrs in advance for most services including all evening services, lunches arnt as much of a problem, but even when people confirm they still dont show sometime or they book within the 24 hour period then dont show!! it is not the cancelations that are the problem mostly just the no shows!! and we had a 2 more tables no show this lunch time which had booked this morning!!!!
  10. how can you account for peoples rudeness?? or put the prices up 'excuse me sir I need to inform you we are charging you an extra £2 because a few tables havent turned up this week' dont think that is good practice
  11. we dont take CC apart from tables of over 6 persons because that means we need to use 2 tables up and reduces the amount of potential customers we could serve that service, however we do still have no shows on every night of the week this year alone we have had 97 tables not turn up or be bothered to even cancel!!! most cancelations can be resold with 48 hrs but no shows are rude and make me want to start a CC policy!!
  12. would love to have you over BUT NO FREEBIES iam afriad Andy Fenn would agree with it
  13. to be honest I am bemused too?? desert that taste like toothpaste???
  14. I also had a great meal there in Feb definatly bordering 2* in my opinion, only reason it might not would be repeating ingreidents maybe?, we had mango 3 times in a 7 course meal!!
  15. not at all I often read this forum and others to see whats going, then go to the places if they get good write ups, and make MY own judgement after tasting what they have on offer, and we actually cook the duck in the rendered fat mixed with maple syrup then lightly glaze it in the syrup FYI and chiming in with thank you's it is called manners
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