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  1. I was AWT's Sous chef at Menage a Trois if i can help [ 12 years later... ] shaun
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    Sauce Jacqueline

    Louis Outhier ran the kitchens at 90 Park Lane, London as one of his first international consultancy's. The Sauce section was run by a chef called Christopher Suter, Christopher became the Head Chef at London's 'Menage a Trois' where I supported him as one of the Sous chefs. As I ran the sauce section Louis Outhiers recipes were passed to me. I was also lucky enough to meet Mr Outhier in his Restaurant L'Oasis in La Napoule. Later in my career I became Ian McAndrew's head chef and helped him work on his book 'A Feast Of Fish' the recipe you refer to was one taken from these original recipes, myself and Ian also developed a mussels dish from another recipe which was a spice mix Mr Outhier used. FOND JACQUELINE 6 large carrots 1 onion 1 bulb garlic 1/2 celeriac brunoise all 1 1/2 bottles sauternes 1 1/2 pints fond blanc llb best quality unsalted butter Sweat vegetables. Add Butter and sauternes, fond blanc. Bring to boil. Reduce by a third. Pass. Refrigerate, Leave butter crust on top to develop. Use to "mob" sauces. SAUCE JACQUELINE 1 Small ladle of fond Jacqueline 1 Teaspoon Vodka 4-5 Lumps of unsalted butter Juice ½ 1ime Make up as for a beure blanc, but using the fond Jacqueline as the reduction Gives a good yellow colour. with a well-balanced sweetish flavour, particularly good with John Dory and mango or Foie Gras. I hope this helps shaun
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