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  1. I was AWT's Sous chef at Menage a Trois if i can help [ 12 years later... ] shaun
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    Sauce Jacqueline

    Louis Outhier ran the kitchens at 90 Park Lane, London as one of his first international consultancy's. The Sauce section was run by a chef called Christopher Suter, Christopher became the Head Chef at London's 'Menage a Trois' where I supported him as one of the Sous chefs. As I ran the sauce section Louis Outhiers recipes were passed to me. I was also lucky enough to meet Mr Outhier in his Restaurant L'Oasis in La Napoule. Later in my career I became Ian McAndrew's head chef and helped him work on his book 'A Feast Of Fish' the recipe you refer to was one taken from these original recipes,
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