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  1. Hey Kerry Looks like lots of amazing treats, as usual Still miffed I missed being your cook tent partner in Toronto Wife is still out of commission, so don't think we will make it down tomorrow Will try for next year Hope you guys have great weather Lots of pics please Shane
  2. MMMMM That sounds good Let us know how that works together Shane
  3. Thanks Rotuts My wife looked after the cookies. It's basically your favorite cookie recipe and add cooked bacon bits The amount seems to increase for us on every batch We haven't hit the point were we think there is too much bacon in them Shane
  4. WOW! Amazing looking food, everyone Catching up on a few pages and now I am starving Most recent cooks have been for friends Peameal bacon and chocolate chip bacon cookies for a friend's Scout canoe trip The cookies went fast, the kids loved them Pulled pork for work Pasta sauce in the new dutch oven on the Egg After a few hours This turned out well Shane
  5. Great looking meals everyone This thread never fails to make me hungry Dinner was some fresh ground burgers Short ribs, brisket, rump roast and some top sirloin fat Cubed Ground Our best burgers so far, great flavor. Will be using brisket and short ribs again Shane
  6. Agreed Everything looks amazing guys Shane
  7. Post some food porn and all is forgiven
  8. Hey Keith You are a great contributor here You are giving as much food porn as your taking Shane
  9. Thanks SobaAddict70 I have to tell you, The Creamed mushroom bruschetta recipe has spread like wildfire here Variations include provolone and now a much anticipated prosciutto wrap Thanks again for the recipe Shane
  10. Fantastic meals everyone Love, how the Dinner thread is now onto part 3 and it's only May So many great pics A couple of quick meals from the grill The Egg is easy enough, that I light, quick prep, shower, and cook a nice dinner for work Lamb, sweet tater fries, simple salad and homemade herb focaccia we are working on for Eggfest Shane
  11. After seeing SobaAddict70 Creamed mushroom bruschetta(Thanks for including the recipe), had to give it a try. It did not disappoint. The Big Green Egg adds a hint of smoke which really worked The shrooms Onions cooking Very tasty Shane
  12. Hey Scamhi Good eye The steak is pulled off the coals, allowed to rest, seasoned and then brought up to temp before dinner Shane
  13. Fantastic looking meals everyone Great minds, Dave Dinner was steak, done right on the coals Flipped, then pulled off to rest while the sides get going Some sides Shrooms were too good, they didn't make it to the plate Was a tasty dinner Shane
  14. Great ideas Flavors sound excellent. Will give this a try Shane
  15. Thanks Rotuts This is a recipe you can really play with because everything works with pork The rice is a great for filling. It does absorb the smoky pork flavor from the Egg I also don't have to worry about a starch for dinner Let us know what you come up with Shane
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