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  1. Anybody been?? Apparently it opened recently and has some lineage to Roberto's.....It sounds great. The tip came from Authur Schwartz's letter.... from his newsletter "....Roberto's has been a destination restaurant for years. Now Zero Otto Nove has become one. It is already, after only a few months in > business, drawing customers from the hinterlands, and for several good > reasons. Top among them, I am sure, is the Neapolitan-style pizza that may > be the best you've ever had in the U.S., and better than many in Naples, > as I just described. I know I am going out on a limb with that remark, > but I know what I am doing. Well, I hope I am not setting anyone up for a > disappointment. > > Zero Otto Nove's pizzaiolo , its pizza maker, Ricardo, who indeed has > enough charisma to be called by only one name, like Garbo or Cher, is > originally from Naples. But he last worked in downtown Salerno. He was > making such good pizza in Salerno that my Salernitani friends suggested > that the place he worked at, Pizza Margherita, would be a good substitute > for Pizzeria Vicolo della Neve, my usual haunt, but which, in the summer, > is way too hot and airless to be enjoyable...."
  2. - another good delivery is Pio Pio salon for Peruvian roast chicken...huge amounts of food relatively cheap... - Grom gelato if you can deal with the line/prices - Grays Papaya - Rack n Soul fried chicken, make sure they make the chicken fresh... - I hear good things about Thai Market on 107th and Amsterdam - Dean's Pizza is pretty good but soulless pizza - Sal and Carmine's pizza for slices - Love Celeste, the only worthwhile UWS Italian, AVOID Genarro - Kefi is the best cheap greek in the city, long lines however I CAN'T believe supertaco truck delivers, WOW!
  3. I spend a fair bit of time in East Hampton and have not posted in a while so here goes: - In terms of farmers markets they are a dime a dozen out there, most are very similiar. That is not so say their stuff is not good. In mid august the corn and tomatos should be going off. Don't miss them. However, the hands down best Farmers Market is on Saturday mornings in Sag Harbor at the marina. There is a growing number of organic farmers and artisnal food makers (foodie stuff) out east. Most bring their stuff to Sag on Saturday mornings. Sag is about a 10 minute drive from EH town and is beautiful. - In EH town pickings are slim. Rowdy Hall Has a good burger and decent beer selection. I hesitate to recommend Nick and Toni's because it is the epicenter of the hamptons see and be seen scene but they do a good job with local ingredients. Go when they are not busy (which is probably impossible for you) and the food gets exponentially better. - La Fondita (amagansett) makes good taco's - good for a quick lunch - Clam Bar on montauk highway out towards Montauk is a favorite of mine and is often overlooked. It's tricky here, DO NOT order off of the menu. Only get their specials which are usually always the same. This means Grilled tuna or swordfish sandwich (ask which is more fresh, I love the Tuna), Steamed lobsters, all their soups are very good especially NE clam chowder, they also have local corn. They have the best clams out east, bar none. They have a guy that rakes them every day in Napeague harbor (about a 1/4 mile away). If you like clams this is a must. Avoid the lobster roll and fried anything. Also avoid the much recommedend place across the street "Lunch" it looks great but it sucks trust me. - Cyril's just down the road from Clam Bar is great in the late afternoon or after the beach for beers and frozen drinks. DO NOT eat here. Cyril is a true Hamptons character in a Keith Richards sorta way. - A good fish market is next to the IGA supermarket in amagansett. Citeralla is fine if you have to go, but its kinda weak.... - the best place IMO out east is the North Fork Table and Inn. This would be a hike for you. They have an extensive NYC lineage (Claudia cant remmeber her last name, the former pastry chef at Gramercy Tavern and her Husband) and mostly use local ingredients. The two times I went last year this place blew me away. =This is a true destination spot. It would require a long drive and two ferrys for you to get there so maybe next time.
  4. wow, so salty on the out of town crowd. Frankly, if your goal is to avoid B&T you are avoiding virtually every good place in manhattan, Including restaurants. Basically on a saturday night there is no getting around it. (there are never any B&T in Babbo, Per Se, Le Bernadin etc not to mention Pegu, no never)...my suggestion would be to jump right in and make a reservation for bottle service/table at one of the big clubs, Marquee, Tenjune, Cain, Pink Elephant, Plumm. The reason you mostly pay the astronomical prices for bottle service is for the real estate inside the club, not really for the booze. You will have your own table so you know you will always have a place to sit and relax without all the mo mo's bumping into you. Reservations are a must, don't wait until you are at ther door. One other suggestion would be the bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Super cool trendy place that is a mellow lounge, i've never seen anybody dance there but you never know. Don't even bother going if you don't have a reservation.
  5. Cpalms

    Del Frisco's

    a lot of things are good there except the steaks...great blue cheese salad dressing, shrimp cocktail platter, lemon cake but the steaks are forgettable....its ok for business lunch, boring at dinner....
  6. I just returned from Alba this past Tuesday, although I am no expert on truffles (I just love to eat them), I was told (by truffle gatherers, restauranters, stefano at Gaja) the this year is shaping up to be fair and that it is still a bit to early for the finest truffles. I will post some picture of my trip and the Alba truffle festival this weekend..
  7. Cpalms


    I was there a about a month ago, i've been a few times as guest of a family friend. If you go with the anticipation of a great italian american meal, you will be completely disappointed. Go for the good vibe and the enjoyment of a restaurant that impossible to get into. But the food is that of a little italy tourist trap...the meatballs, peas with bacon, cheesecake, homemade ice cream are all ok. All the pasta's are forgettable, and the wine list (recitation)is practically an insult....the last time we went, we went and had a slice at Patsy's afterward...
  8. molto grazie!!...one more question, if you had just truffles (and wine of course) on your mind what restaurants would you suggest?
  9. Do you have any particular favorites? ones that perhaps that have a particularly outstanding cellar (don't they all in piedmonte?) any not so well know places that are not in the guidebooks that you like or do a certain dish particlarly well? Thanks for coming on Egullet!!
  10. I will be in Paris on business towards the end of september, I have a day free and had always wanted to see Giverny. Since this is just day trip between meetings I wanted to make the day include a special meal outside the city. I believe we will be taking the train and price is not much of an object, I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for lunch. Any lunch suggestions or any other suggestions for that matter would be much appreciated..
  11. what about Batali's new place?
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    the Kool Aid was probably brachetto
  13. Cpalms


    I'd try it again if I were you because you missed two off the menu highlights. For entree I believe you should only get a whole grilled fish at Esca, they do very simply, the best in the city IMO. If they have a local fish only get that. and the dessert dishes, they have different combo's that usualy involves gelato. The gelato itself is passable and not nearly the equal of Otto. And esca is not cheap, to do it right there you need to spend, its as easily as expensive as babbo. I believe esac is one of the most underrated restauarants in the city probably bacauase its the easieast to order poorly at. To do it right, ask to speak with david, he's the sea dog/ chef and ask him to cook for you (BTW, esca is the only batali place where this can be done.)
  14. skip little italy, except di paulo, its truly a gem, when you walk down the street to di paulo you won't think your in little italy.....if you want that little italy expierence go to authur avenue in the bronx (great after a day game at yankee stadium)...do a search, there are many members here that know far more about it than me. i'm sure they must have a feast up there, and I bet it is what you are looking for.
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