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  1. Hello Captain,


    thanks for acknowledging my question about your beautiful cheesecake.  My PM still shows below on my iPad browser, dated 11th Feb.  


    I hope you have a good weekend end also that you can track down that recipe in due course!


    kind regards



  2. Good morning,


    just a short note to say say that if you are in Northern England next year please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  It would be lovely to meet.


    Kind regards,



  3. Hello there,


    I’m catching up with eGullet after some months with little free time.  I’ve just seen a beautiful cheesecake that you published here last July.  In view of the time that has passed I thought it probably better to contact you direct rather than in the thread.


    Your cheesecake looks exactly like a style I remember from childhood but have never been able to recreate.  Are you able to share the recipe, or the source of the recipe.  I would be happy to buy a book if it means I can finally achieve that dessert!


    I look forward to hearing from you in due course and thank you in anticipation of your help.


    Kind regards,


    Diana B

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