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  1. I'm very happy with the Soehnle Page White scale that I got. About $50, very slim format, and slides right into a shelf with about the same profile as a slim paperback. -BDT HOST NOTE: For the most recent topic on kitchen scale recommendations, please read and post here
  2. Hi there, folks. Longtime lurker, now finally decided to join up and post, as I'm in a bit of a pickle. I need to find a source for about 120 lbs of pork spareribs for a big BBQ I'm holding in NYC here on 6.19. Ideally they would be St. Louis cut, but as long as they are spareribs, that's fine. I had a source in Boston which was perfect, but sadly, now noone aside from butchers like Second Ave Meat Market in NYC, which would be prohibitively expensive. I'd be willing to drive to the Bronx to the wholesalers up there, but have no ideas which ones are reputable and deliver good product. Any suggestions? Many thanks in advance for your help, -BDT
  3. Humus is IMHO one of the foodstuffs that has the highest benefit of being made form scratch. Far less expensive than processed varieties, as well as having far better flavor. I usually hydrate dry chickpeas overnight, then boil, in unsalted water, which I think gives a creamier end product when salted at the finish. I second the roasted garlic, but there are endless riffs to the basic chickpea, tahini, live oil, salt and lemon base. Especially, drying out a little handful of lime leaves, then crushing them in a mortar prior to adding them is killer.
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