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  1. The macarons from the web site of chef Eddy always turn out 100% for me. I have shared it with many of my friends and they all rave about his technique and recipe. You do have to grind the almond meal very fine so it is important to have a sharp blade on your food processor. What I like about it is that you can work with just cracked fresh egg whites, forget about 2-3 day or one week egg whites... http://www.chefeddy.com/2010/01/gerbet-macaroons-gerbet-macarons/
  2. The best and easiest Meyer lemon curd recipe I have ever used, I found on http://www.eddyvandammeusa.com/2009/12/meyer-lemon-tarts/ . The method is like none I have ever seen and it works fantastic.
  3. I have made several times the gerbet macaroons from Eddy Van Damme. http://www.eddyvandammeusa.com/2010/01/gerbet-macaroons-gerbet-macarons/ They have performed great.
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