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  1. Ed - where did you find this rhum in New York? I've thoroughy enjoyed a bottle of Clement Rhum Vieux that I picked up in France.
  2. Ed - there was a tasting in Astor Wines and Liquors, and it's sold there for $29.99. It's appearing in many bars/lounges in the East Village too. The guy told me that it was made from molasses, and claimed that you'd given it rave reviews!
  3. I tried this rum yesterday, and must say that I was pleasantly surprised. At first I was sceptical of a light rum at this price (could buy Pampero Anniversario for less), but I must say I was impressed with the clean citrussy flavour and smoothness. These guys seem to have identified a bit of a niche market of ultra-premium light rum, and I've seen it suddenly crop up in cocktails all over New York in restaurants and bars. http://www.starrafricanrum.com Anyone else have any opinions?
  4. (PS it's No 50 Clinton Street)
  5. ....and not only are there good rums at WD-50, but the food is fantastic
  6. My favourite Rum shops in New York are: - Astor Wines and Liquors (Astor Place) - The discount liquor store on Broadway at 7th Street (the name escapes me). It's around the corner from Astor - Beekman Liquors (Lexington / 47th street) You will also find a good selection of rums at the Asia da Cuba restaurant and bar
  7. Does any one know of an online spirits auction? There are several for wine, but I haven't found any for spirits.
  8. alphaiii - when you visit your brother in NYC you may also find the Pampero for less than $32......the discount liquor store on Broadway and 7th Street (ish) has Pampero for about $26. Also, not far from there is Astor wines, which has a great rum selection too
  9. For a $25 budget, I'd get Pampero Anniversario instead of the Matusalem.
  10. There are a number of cocktails which you can make with aged or dark rum. I find this guide very useful for both classic and contemporary recipes http://www.sauceguide.com/index.php PS I find Appleton much better than Bacardi anyway
  11. I managed to get onto their site: http://www.prichardsdistillery.com/ This is a fine rum - made from Lousiana molasses and Tennessee spring water thorugh copper pot stills and aged in charred white oak barrels. I believe the contact info is on the website
  12. Hi, not sure on the Santa Cruz, but I think the Ron Centenario Conmemorativo is from Costa Rica. Does the bottle look like this? Ron Centenario Conmemorativo
  13. Hi - you can definitely find Appleton and Mount Gay in minature. I've seen both on eBay. Good luck!
  14. I agree, this is one of my favourite rums (and long awaited in the US!). I like the 114 proof best
  15. Thanks! I may check in with you before I come to Europe this spring.......
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