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  1. Ed - where did you find this rhum in New York? I've thoroughy enjoyed a bottle of Clement Rhum Vieux that I picked up in France.
  2. Ed - there was a tasting in Astor Wines and Liquors, and it's sold there for $29.99. It's appearing in many bars/lounges in the East Village too. The guy told me that it was made from molasses, and claimed that you'd given it rave reviews!
  3. I tried this rum yesterday, and must say that I was pleasantly surprised. At first I was sceptical of a light rum at this price (could buy Pampero Anniversario for less), but I must say I was impressed with the clean citrussy flavour and smoothness. These guys seem to have identified a bit of a niche market of ultra-premium light rum, and I've seen it suddenly crop up in cocktails all over New York in restaurants and bars. http://www.starrafricanrum.com Anyone else have any opinions?
  4. (PS it's No 50 Clinton Street)
  5. ....and not only are there good rums at WD-50, but the food is fantastic
  6. My favourite Rum shops in New York are: - Astor Wines and Liquors (Astor Place) - The discount liquor store on Broadway at 7th Street (the name escapes me). It's around the corner from Astor - Beekman Liquors (Lexington / 47th street) You will also find a good selection of rums at the Asia da Cuba restaurant and bar
  7. Does any one know of an online spirits auction? There are several for wine, but I haven't found any for spirits.
  8. alphaiii - when you visit your brother in NYC you may also find the Pampero for less than $32......the discount liquor store on Broadway and 7th Street (ish) has Pampero for about $26. Also, not far from there is Astor wines, which has a great rum selection too
  9. For a $25 budget, I'd get Pampero Anniversario instead of the Matusalem.
  10. There are a number of cocktails which you can make with aged or dark rum. I find this guide very useful for both classic and contemporary recipes http://www.sauceguide.com/index.php PS I find Appleton much better than Bacardi anyway
  11. I managed to get onto their site: http://www.prichardsdistillery.com/ This is a fine rum - made from Lousiana molasses and Tennessee spring water thorugh copper pot stills and aged in charred white oak barrels. I believe the contact info is on the website
  12. Hi, not sure on the Santa Cruz, but I think the Ron Centenario Conmemorativo is from Costa Rica. Does the bottle look like this? Ron Centenario Conmemorativo
  13. Hi - you can definitely find Appleton and Mount Gay in minature. I've seen both on eBay. Good luck!
  14. I agree, this is one of my favourite rums (and long awaited in the US!). I like the 114 proof best
  15. Thanks! I may check in with you before I come to Europe this spring.......
  16. Hi ctgm Bundy Black - well, as I couldn't find any Bundy here in New York I figured I may as well try to collect other rums that were unavailable here. Foxy's - a friend brought this back from BVI. Made by Caroni in Trinidad I think. The name is amusing, and I'm told it's the source of many tall tales, although it's actually not that bad Hor's d'age - I enjoy this rum. I find it quite different to others in my collection, in that it has more whisky-like characteristics. It's rich and nutty/woody. I'd like to try other rums from Martinique, particularly Clement, De Paz, La Favorite (especially "cuvee special de la flibuste"...), Duquesne - anyone tried them or know where I can get them in New York??
  17. ctgm - I find I end up with more and more open at any one time as I like to have the variety of any choice on a given night. Right now I have the following (although some haven't been touched in a while!!): Appleton estate 12 and 250 anniversary Arundel Cane Rum Barbancourt White, 5 star Botran Anejo Brinley Gold Bundaberg Black Cadenheads Green Label Cruzan Single Barrel Diplomatico reserve El Dorado 15 Flor de Cana 7yr Foxy's firewater Gosling overproof Havana Club 7yr Inner Circle Green Mount Gay Sugar Cane, Extra Old Pampero Anniversario Prichards Pyrat XO Ron del Barrilito 3 star Saint James hors d'age Santa Teresa 1796 Tortuga 12 Zacapa Centenario Zaya 12
  18. Hmm, a great rum at a steep price - it is very good though. I've seen it go on eBay for a little cheaper, other than that it's pretty hard to get (in the US). Does anyone have any opinion as to whether rare / limited bottlings such as Appleton 250 and Mount Gay tricentennial will appreciate much in value over time, in effect as a "collector's item"?
  19. Hi Scott- there are many. I would recommend you shortlist El Dorado 15yr, Santa Teresa 1796, Appleton 12yr, Mount Gay Extra Old, Havana Club 7yr, Saint James Hors D'Age. There's a variety of styles included there, but I love them all. If you like the Zacapa but find it expensive, Botran Anejo is a good everyday cheap alternative from the same people
  20. I've tried Bundy Black and enjoyed it - it's quite rich but pretty smooth, definitely worth a try although I haven't found very much of it in the US. If you want to try a great Aussie rum, then Inner Circle is great if you can find it
  21. Definitely go for the Pyrat, it's a different class. There are many quality rums becoming more widely available which will give you a whole new perspective of rum over the Capt Morgan.
  22. I was in contact with Stuart Gilbert of Inner Circle rum (www.innercirclerum.com) recently, who told me that the first batch of this award winning Australian pot distilled rum is waiting to clear customs in the US. Apparently Spirit of Hartford will be distributing, and prices will be reasonable http://www.iwsc.net/ResultsWineSpirits.cfm I'm looking forward to it - has anyone tried it?
  23. Thanks to Ed for his informative piece on ministryofrum.com on Santa Teresa 1796 Ron Antiguo de Solera. It looks as though this rum is now being marketed across the US - I got a bottle from Beekman Liquors in New York, who told me it's been a huge success since they introduced it a month ago. I find it has a rich aroma and subtle vanilla taste, with very smooth finish (although I'm not very good a writing tasting notes!!). I got it for $32, putting it in the Pampero price range, to which I think it compares well. I'd be interested what others think of it.....
  24. Hi, has anyone tried Admiral Rodney rum from St Lucia Distillers? I've been trying to find more information, but haven't found much. I know that this rum is highly respected, I think it's 21 yr old. Also, does anyone know where I can get a bottle??
  25. Hi Pierre I have the Flor de Cana 7yr and a few rums from Licorera Zacapaneca (Botran, Montecristo, Zacapa). After reading your comment my immediate reaction was think that Zacapaneca rums were my preference, but I went home and tasted them all together, out of curiosity. When side by side, the rich and smooth Zacapa is a hands down favourite for me (indeed many in this chat room sing praises for this rum), and to tell you the truth I still prefer the Montecristo and even Botran over the Flor, which isn't as smooth (although my girlfriend disagrees - but she is a BIG fan of Flor de Cana!!). No doubt all are fine rums. I'd say maybe the Montecristo is a little overpriced (you may as well buy Zacapa), but the Botran is one of the best bargains and most underrated rums you can find - well balanced and smooth. It's worth the search for all of them!! Dan
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