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  1. Do you still have to buy things in wholesale quantities or is it more like buying something from Polarica?
  2. I watch Dexter's breakfast routine with some envy, I wish I had that much time in the morning, especially after hiding the bodies.
  3. The closest thing I've had to a regular breakfast in the last 10 years was the 4 months of smoothie making I did after getting my Vita-Mix. While I enjoyed having a smoothie every morning, I fell out of habit just by forgetting to assemble the ingredients the night before into the carafe and sticking it in the fridge (or in the case of the weekends, to drunk to remember or do so ) I don't have time to put together anything in the morning. With major city traffic, I have to be out the door at 7:20am if I want my 5 mile trip to take less than 30 minutes. That gives me just enough time to wake up at 7:00, take a quick shower, and run out the door. Waking up before 7am doesn't jive with being a late-twenties bachelor. If after I get to work and settle in I'm still really hungry, I'll go grab a bagel or something. (edit: typo)
  4. Christ those look spectacular...I see you live in Oakland, can I drive over the bridge and have some of those Friday?
  5. Hmm, I see here that David Chang does it at 180 for 3 hours... http://www.nowness.com/day/2010/3/4/429/momofuku-at-home I might try that instead.
  6. If he can find someone to go diving with, I'll have three of them tomorrow night. I was going to have him cook up one the old fashioned way, and I was going to sv the other two (one with butter in the bag). I still think I'm going to let it go for 24 hours to break down the collagen. Does anyone remember the reason why we only sv shellfish for 40 minutes or so?
  7. I think it's important just to have something to serve them other than beer. Keeping a bottle of club soda, tonic water, vodka, and a couple limes around can go a long way. Also, keep a bottle of Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante in the fridge...they'll prefer it to real champagne because it's sweeter. $8/bottle on sale and it makes you appear classy.
  8. Has anyone here sous vide'd abalone? My friend dives for fresh ones and we were thinking of doing it. I read in McGee's book that abalone are tough because they use collagen as their energy source. I was thinking of jaccarding one and letting it cook at 140F for 24 hours like you would a tougher piece of meat. Do you think this time is too long? I know I'm only supposed to cook shellfish like lobster and scallops for like 30-40 minutes. I figured after that give it a quick pan sear and it *should* be the most tender abalone ever. I don't want to mess it up/waste it though, these might be the last ones he gets this season. Any thoughts?
  9. They sell these in San Francisco and I love them! It's the first thing my parents request I make when I go home to visit them in PA. I think the secret ingredient is the mayo...it usually takes some convincing for people to put mayo on their hotdog but they never regret it.
  10. Does anyone here own a copy of Under Pressure? I've been debating getting it for months but always read that most of the recipes/techniques require a chamber vacuum sealer. Is this the case?
  11. I'd cook it for 1.5-2 hours 1:30 light corn syrup to water (edited for clarity on glucose component)
  12. Also just came across this... Brilliant idea...even though I'm still anti-electric-stovetops
  13. I saw this the other day and thought it was neat... http://blog.medellitin.com/2010/08/kitchenaids-chef-touch-whirlpools-foray.html More of an appliance than a gadget, but I'd love to have it in the kitchen I will one day own. It's a combination steam oven/shock freezer/chamber vacuum. They're calling it a sous vide machine, but it lacks a controlled water bath.
  14. I always thought there was already a Situation drink - 1 part Ciroc vodka, 1 part Red Bull, 1 part Muscle Milk
  15. I've learned to smell it before buying it
  16. I agree about the eggs and the milk, etc. In my personal opinion, egg white omelets are a crime against humanity - at least that portion of it that eats omelets! My omelets tend to be extra rich, tender and silky. I use whole eggs plus extra yolks, a dash of cream and of course, butter. There is no adequate substitute. I have a roommate that substitutes vegan butter for regular butter in baking recipes. The results are flavorless, kind of greasy due to lack of emulsion, and don't brown properly. The market by my house (that I try to avoid) keeps their flat-leaf parsley right next to their cilantro in the produce section. Three times I've come home after picking up supplies to find my parsley is in fact cilantro.
  17. I've done pulled pork sous vide and it was absolutely delicious. For a carnitas recipe, a quick google search gave me this link - http://sleeplessfoodie.com/?p=139
  18. Some people just fear change...show me a way to make fork-tender medium-rare beef shortribs or brisket in a conventional oven and I'll put my sous vide rig away.
  19. Whenever I buy garlic I rip the paper off the top of of it so I can peek at the top of the cloves and make sure there is no sign of green.
  20. Recipes will say "based on" and slightly tweak a thing or two to avoid copyright issues. Besides, chicken and 40 cloves is really just chicken and 40 cloves.
  21. http://gourmettraveller.com.au/chicken_with_40_cloves_of_garlic.htm
  22. Another vote for sheet pans...and not the kind you get at Target. I have a roommate moving out this weekend, and we each bought one 1/2 and one 1/4 sheet pan a couple years ago. She's taking hers with her, so I was saying to my other roommate how I have to run to the restaurant supply store to replace them. She said "well I have that (target, maybe even cheaper) sheet pan I brought when I moved in that's hidden somewhere in the kitchen". I just wanted to tell her that the one she brought is shit, and I'm buying new ones anyway.
  23. I don't think I can make a sorbet at home that is restaurant quality in texture, but the ice creams I make using the base recipe that's shared in the adhoc/tfl/bouchon cookbooks rival the stuff I've had in great restaurants, some industry friends of mine agree. Then again, it has $10 worth of high-fat dairy products and a dozen eggs in each quart, so of course it's going to be delicious :-)
  24. I like flour+water...I think it captures the essence of the new restaurants opening up in the city (quality as well as look & feel wise). If the pig trotter cakes are on the menu, be sure to order them. Oh, and make sure to try a pizza with an egg on it...there's really nothing quite like it. Some people think it's overrated, and when it first opened in a sense it was just because it generated more hype than was deserved. I think their pizzas are better than A16, but slightly inferior to Pizzetta 211. However, I think the overall atmosphere is better than both so it's tops in my book. After you're done, walk a couple minutes west on 20th to Shotwells for a drink. Carolyn, care to chime in ?
  25. The compost bin. I have one of those fancy containers with the charcoal filter on top, and it still stinks. I don't care what they say about it getting enough air, a pile of rotting food smells like a pile of rotting food. Instead of using the container we just use a brown paper bag when cooking meals that produce a lot of compost and take it to the container outside when we're done. Traditional Chinese cooking often has offensive smells. We have a nice little old Chinese lady living below us, and sometimes the smell of whatever she's making wofts up into our apartment and all I can imagine is her deep frying the smelliest part of the smelliest fish. I also have a roommate that often heats canned/frozen vegetarian meals from Trader Joe's. Those always smell.
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