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  1. All-Clad have released multiple lines of cheap stuff in past couple of years. The strategy really puzzles me. In most cases it is a playbook move to start high quality/low volume and use that brand value and recognition to expand to high volume/low quality to maximize profit. However, All Clad have had such a lock on the high-end market for so long that it seems folly to burn so much of that brand equity in order to move a few more $30 non-stick anodized aluminum skillets. I suspect that there is a large portion of the current All-Clad consumer base that buys for the name. It does not take long for that market to move on when All-Clad becomes just as known for cheap skillets at HomeGoods as for the original high-quality fully clad cookware. I suspect that this is a reaction to the rapid disappearance of their traditional retail channels (Macy's, Sur la Table, etc.) and growth of the discount channel (TJ Maxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods) but this direction strikes me as more likely to kill the brand than to offer a way through the retail transition.
  2. You don't note whether you have previously used the EdgePro. Looking at the Wasabi, I note a couple of things different from the EdgePro. First, it would appear that the only way to use it would be to clamp the knife, which is done by way of two allen screws, which strikes me as likely quite secure but a bit fiddly. I have found on the EdgePro that I tend to simply hold the knife by the handle against the base (not clamping it as intended) as I can then quickly run through multiple knives before changing out the stone. It also allows me to easily reposition longer knives for a better angle against the stone. I find this to save me a bunch of time versus running through the range of stones on each knife and then starting over again on the next knife. Also, I've found that the clamp can capture some of the swarth and scratch the knife. Second, it might just be me but I would not be excited about having the blade protruding out from the edge of my counter - even assuming that I would not leave it unattended. Finally, I have always had difficulty with anything that is required to be clamped to a countertop/tabletop. In every instance my countertop has been either too thick to fit inside the clamp or there is not enough overhang to install. While this clamp appears to have a large jaw, one still needs to find a counter with enough overhang to use it.
  3. Central MA - I had that exact same same blender. It was purchased sometime around the year 2000 so I'm guessing that your date code is accurate to 1998. It wasn't especially expensive when purchased (perhaps $60-$75?) and it never was much good. The jar looks cool but nothing moves in it. The blade will whip around the contents immediately surrounding it but the tall narrow jar with all the nooks and crannies takes hold of everything else and you spend most of your time shaking the jar or pushing the contents around with a spatula. I will agree, however, that it looks far better than a Blendtec.
  4. I can confirm that the Fissler works fine on induction.
  5. We are planning to sell a home in which some family have been living that needs some basic improvements prior to sale. We have spoken with both the Redfin and Zillow teams. They both have groups that will purchase your house as-is, do the work the needs to be done, and re-sell. The offers were very fair though this may be somewhat dependent on geography. Redfin also will arrange to have the work done for you with their own teams at cost plus a small fee - well worth it, in my opinion, particularly if you account for the time difference in how long it takes them to complete the work vs. arranging it or doing it yourself. This is the route that we plan to take once the house is vacant. Finally, the commissions with either of these services are materially lower than a traditional agent. By the way, the Redfin agent was very, very knowledgeable and professional. Zillow not so much.
  6. I used this grease that I purchased from Amazon for a repack several years ago and the mixer has been working well: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0041S1OUM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1)
  7. The first thing that I would try would be to plug the radio and the microwave into separate circuits. That might mean running a cord from another room for the test depending on how your house is wired. Agree that it is odd that it would be causing interference while not in use but it could be that it has added some noise to the power circuit for which your radio is not well shielded. If that's the case, it could be an actual flaw in either the radio or the microwave, poor electrical engineering of the microwave and/or radio, or that there is an issue with the wiring on that circuit. Annoying problem in any case.
  8. My wife uses a google home for the purposes. I prefer the Thermoworks Extra Big and Loud. I might be tempted to get the Timestack if I were looking for one now but with multiple Extra Big and Louds I can position next to the thing that I am timing so that I don't forget which timer is which.
  9. On my Vacmaster those pins are secured by threaded nuts. The pins on the Polyscience have to be attached somehow and it wouldn't surprise me if it were similar. As they protrude into the vacuum chamber the space below the chamber (where it sounds like your problem lies) should be accessible (not sealed). I would definitely pop it open before pursuing either the Polyscience repair or purchasing a replacement machine.
  10. I tried to Google search this yesterday but couldn't locate a good result in a reasonable amount of searching. I suspect that the crowd here will know the answer. If one were to use the blast chiller to rapidly freeze an item for storage, can it them be stored in a traditional home self-defrosting freezer and retain the quick freeze benefit of the blast chiller (smaller crystals, less detrimental impact from freezing)? How long does the unit take to chill itself? Do you need to leave it plugged in at all times to be practical or can you just chill it a bit ahead of time when you know you want to use it? The production units pictured above do look better than the pre-production units that had been pictured on the web site.
  11. We have been very happy with ours. It has served us well so far (about 5 years). I can't offer much in the way of a comparison, however, as I've never owned a similar unit from competing brand (had always been a renter previously). We also have an oven/stove, range hood, and dishwasher from the same line. They have all performed flawlessly save for a power surge that knocked out a control panel in the stove (but much of the neighborhood had damaged electronics/appliances so can't blame Thermadore). The damaged control unit was easily replaced.
  12. Yes, that's the fridge - Thermadore.
  13. We have just been re-watching Downton Abbey and noticed it in the kitchen there as well!
  14. Two of our more recent solutions pictured below. The cabinets are from Ikea, are very inexpensive, and are much better quality than one would expect. The pot rack is by Enclume and is sold by a variety of places. It is excellent quality and comes in a couple of different sizes.
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