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  1. I was tempted to put this in the Special Ocassion forum except I need a site in Northen NJ. I'm a new teacher in a Bergen County High School and I'm trying to make arrangements for our prom. We need a non-hotel site, a Friday night, for about 300 kids. I'm hoping the eGullet community has been to/talked about/experienced enough places to be able to give me a lead. Thanks! BeerGut (aka Rich in NNJ)
  2. Thanks everyone for your help! I'll let you know how we make out. Right now it looks like it'll be: TARKS on the way in Padrino's for dinner OPA Tavern for late night drinks with friends La Carreta for late lunch tomorrow. Then back to NJ for Mexican (Pancho's Burritos in New Milford, NJ) and Italian on Tuesday (Buongiorno in Dumont) I couldn't have planned it without you! Let me know if you ever need help finding a place to visit in Northern NJ.
  3. My wife and I will be attending a wedding in Hollywood (morning service at the Diplomat Country Club) Where should we go for food around here? I've read the Miami posts but time is short. Where can a Jersey guy get a good Florida experince/late afternoon meal and dinner around here? Cuban and seafood are preferred, but anything other than Italian (plenty of that where I come from) is welcome. Thanks in advance! Rich in Northern NJ
  4. So first I lose Fink's (I really miss those atomic dogs and Bar-B-Rubens)and now Stickey's is closed (when and where are they re-opening?) I know I'm not the only lover of pulled pork, smoked meats and honest BBQ around here. Look at the success of Blue Smoke, Dinosaur, and RUB in NYC. Or Famous Dave's in Watchung area. For now I go to the Mason Jar for pulled pork, I go to the internet for ribs (Corky's or Rendezvous). Where can I get my fix in the Bergen area? And WHY CAN'T a BBQ PLACE MAKE IT AROUND HERE?!?
  5. Friends went to Jamaica and came back raving about Curried Goat and it's partner dish, Goat's Head Soup (when well made it's referred to as "Mannish water" because it gives men virility - sure). Where in NJ can I taste this? A Jamaican co-worker (who doesn't cook) went to a family party where they served goat. I asked if he could bring in left-overs sometime so I could try it. He laughed and said, "There's never leftover goat!" I've found recipes but want to taste it done right. Help!
  6. ghostrider, I see you're from Jersey like myself, so I thought I'd let you know about a northern NJ bar with those cask draft pumps. Andy's Corner Bar. Michael Jackson (beer guy) stops by when he is in the NY area, they got a good write up in the Bergen Record, and 201 Magazine, and the Ale Street News, and a high rating on Beer Advocate.com. Andy's Corner Bar in Bogota has 6 beers on tap, and 2 draft "engines" (hand pumped from the cask, not CO2 or nitrogen propelled) like you described. Fuller's has been here routinely. This is where I had the Smuttynose and where I got the Samichlaus. No food (unless pretzels and popcorn count) but they are next door to a pizza shop; they have the obligatory jukebox, satellite TV, and colorful patrons. Always a good time when I stop by for a beer and some conversation. Andy's Corner Bar (www.anyscornerbar.com) Hope you go and I hope you enjoy it half as much as I do (or more!)
  7. Last night I had a Smuttynose IPA, a 2002 Brooklyn Black Chocolate, and later, a 2001 Samichlaus Bier. Good night!
  8. Andy's Corner Bar (no longer on the corner, but in new-ish digs 3 doors down) in Bogota is featuring all NJ brews this Wednesday 8/17. Andy's, 257 Queen Anne Rd, Bogota, NJ 07603 (Close to the GWB, Rtes 4, 80, 46 and 95.) The family run bar always has excellent quality beers, clean tap lines, knowledgable and friendly bartenders (Tommy and George -- Barbara will make you feel as welcome as a regular customer from the moment you arrive) **They also have 2 hand-pump "engines" for REAL beer. The brewers will be on hand as well, so I expect a lot of beer discussion as well as sampling. No list of who will be there, but brewers and brews from the following have attended in the past: Climax Ramstein High Point Heavyweight Flying Fish there's also Cricket Hill River Horse Triumph Again, I'm not sure who will be there this time, but the past events have been great, with deliveries of rare beer, enthusiastic enthusiasts (are there any other kind?), and lively discussions. There has even been a wooden barrel of beer with a gravity tap! See you there, BG
  9. chichi I drop off my knives at the register and they give me a receipt with a pick-up date (usually 4 days out). So far so good.
  10. I don't know how convenient it is for you, but I go to Chef Central on Route 17 north in Paramus (just before the Parkway exit). They sharpen by hand on a stone (not a grinder or machine) and can turn 4 knives around in 3 days. Sharpening all 5 (Chef's, bone, utility and paring knife) costs about $20. I also ordered a system from razor's edge, to keep my knives sharp on my own. I'll let you know how it goes. Here's that link if you are interested: http://www.razoredgesystems.com Edit: Fixed double post and comment about it. Rachel
  11. Rosie, It's called Tutta Fresca and it's great. My favorite sandwich is their Balsamic chicken, broccoli rabe and fresh mozzarella on homemade rolls. It's owned by Maria Cammorata, who may or may not also own Cammorata's pizza.
  12. Thank you for the responses. This was my first post and now I'm even more impressed with this site! I'm going to try the brunch at China 46. Thanks for the info. Has anyone else tried the best cheapest breakfast going? IKEA has a restaurant that opens at 9:30 am. We had 2 eggs, 2 turkey sausage (but could have had bacon instead), home fries (dry and crisp with paprika), and 2 "pancakes" which were really crepes with lingonberries (I think), and coffee for $1.80. It would have been 99 cents except the pancakes looked too good. BTW, my favorite diner for anytime is Louie's Charcoal Pit on Cedar Lane, Teaneck. Service can be a little slow but the flame broiled taste is not matched anywhere. Everything is good, but they have the best burgers!
  13. I need a place for Sunday brunch. The diner works well but we're hoping for something a little more special. We're in Bergen County (Teaneck) with family and friends in Hoboken. Any local suggestions are welcome.
  14. BeerGut

    Beer in America

    Anybody out there have a favorite bar in the north NJ area? I'm asking for places with quality beer; where people love suds and anybody at the bar knows the difference between lager and ale. Suggestions? Thanks!
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