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  1. Thanks to all of the contributors on this thread! I've been tinkering with SV for about a year now with some great (and a few so-so) results and have an opportunity to work with goat-kid I sourced from a fabulous Washington State farm. My issue is: I can't find anyone who has successfully SV'd kid. The chops I made last week were delicate in flavor and texture - somewhere between veal and spring lamb with a hint of goat. I'm planning a menu for leg of kid (about 3-4 lbs), butterflied, and flattened to 40-50mm at the thickest section. Right now I'm SV'ing some lamb shoulder to get an approximate time/temperature, thinking 58-60°C for 24-30 hours should be about right, then searing for Maillard and saucing with harissa and preserved lemons at the end. I worry the kid might turn to mush if it cooks that long. Less fatty beef and veal cuts have been sublime with similar cooking times, but that's about the closest I can approximate. Does anyone have guidance for goat?
  2. Last night enjoyed a terrific rib-eye steak, seared with a coffee/ancho rub, and paired it with Cadence's 2001 Ciel du Cheval. Wow.

    Tonight it'll most likely be veggies and beer.

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