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  1. What was that cheese and pickle sandwich all about? Seemed very misguided. Hope he can do better in the next few courses.
  2. Does DC come across as intellectual? I think he comes across as very driven and serious. He is known to have a temper and obviously runs a very different kitchen to GP. As for the rehearsed lines, I think that just comes from the format. When we were being filmed we would fall into conversation and the film crew would ask us to stop talking and then repeat some of the conversation we had just had. The end result is that you have to try and talk naturally about something that you have just spoken about IYSWIM. Inevitably it comes across as stilted. Am thoroughly enjoying this weeks shows. As ever, I just wish I could try everything.
  3. You can do us all a favour by letting us know how to buy that wonderful duck. If its good enough for Mr Clifford, it can grace my table any day of the week! ← Sure: River Farm Smokery BTW, I wrote a rather lengthy review of Midsummer House on my bolg last year. Wasn't registered here then so haven't posted it before. It's here.
  4. Can I just say that it was me with those eggs in the smokery. Oh and I know who wins this week. But I'm not telling.
  5. TVM. My pieces are cut pretty thin though. Maybe only 1-2cms. and too wide to tie. I think I'll try osso bucco anyway. Thanks again, Dan
  6. First post, be gentle. I've just bought myself a couple of pieces of beef shin with the bone/marrow still in. A sort of old age osso bucco. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cook it. I'm thinking of braising it but should I use red wine? tomatoes? white wine? beer? Any advice gratefully received.
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