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    'a revelation' - http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111903791504576588641230000256.html?mod=WSJ_EUROPE_LnS_FoodnWine_TopLEADNewsCollection
  2. well its one thing for you to say its not to yr taste - another to call it pretentious, but whatever. david i was surprised that yr food was underseasoned - the one problem i had when i went to the corner room was that everything was quite salty! also i had the lamb and it had a lot more browning happening on it. sounds like they have some problems w/ consistency
  3. and if you think its pretentious then abt 90% of spain is pretentious since most pork i've eaten there has been rare
  4. rare pork is super common! and delicious! i dont really understand what you mean by 'whats the point in it'
  5. thanks for yr review david! appreciate it. looks amazing
  6. well time out seems to love it
  7. yeah thats what it looks like, i only ate at maze a couple of times, but iirc he did that tongue + cheek dish there as well. i guess the atmosphere here is more casual tho, which (in my opinion) is a good thing
  8. how different is the food from what he was doing at maze?
  9. yeah i would have thought using the cocchi americano would result in having 2 bitter ingredients in the cocktail, so that it wasnt as balanced.
  10. they do something like that risotto @ the ledbury
  11. "Oh to be in such a privileged position. I can't believe you made that public. " why would you not make this public? i dont understand?
  12. matthew norman is such a terrible critic (imo) i thought that once he left the guardian we were rid of him
  13. yeah there's been some articles that have said it's delayed til next year... http://blog.zagat.com/dinner-by-heston-blumenthal-delayed
  14. tim g

    Bar Boulud

    matthew norman is the worst
  15. tim g

    The Ledbury

    i agree, we went there last wednesday for the a la carte and it was fantastic. best meal i've had in london in ages.