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  1. Just got back from vegas and stayed at the encore. There is a place in the encore called wazuzu which has absolutly fantastic sushi. I would also highly recommend getting the chicken drunken noodles super super good. One of the best places I ate at in vegas.
  2. I was a bit unhappy to say the least after seeing the huge bill for what we had and the poor quality. I really wasnt in a mood to discuss anything with them with so many mistakes and the reservation was made by my friend who said he'd be taking it up with them later. I actually didnt try the bon bons but several other selections from the desert trolley.
  3. Had dinner with a couple other friends at Joel Robuchon at the MGM Mansion last thursday night. All three of us did the four course tasting menu. We started with an amuse of caviar on top of crab which was pretty bad and seemed like it sort of ruined the caviar as a poor pairing. None of us really enjoyed this much, yet hoped it would definitely get better as the standard was getting set rather low. Around came the bread trolley prior to our first course with a wide selection of breads my favorite was the basil bread which was extremely nice. My friends were quite fond of the cheese breads which I didn’t get around to trying. Our first course was the appetizer course, I had the salad of tomato, basil infused olive oil, and tomato gelee topped with dots of mozzarella. This was a very boring and not that adventurous of a course. The tomato with basil was good but the gelee with mozzarella dots was only ok. Overall an ok course but I sort of expect more from a place like this and prices like this. I would expect this course from an average restaurant in nyc not here. We continued with our soup course, we all had the lettuce veloute with nutmeg and sweet onion foam. The description on the menu is described exactly as this nothing more. One of my friends does not eat pork for religious reasons and the hosts were made very well aware of this during the reservation and even confirmed it when we sat down. Low and behold as the second spoonful comes up my friend takes a bite of a bunch of pork. Now not only were they aware of this but something like this should have been listed on the menu as a component of the dish. The sweet onion foam tasted like nothingness and the soup was very average. The pork component didn’t even really add anything to the dish worth putting it in there for. Its almost as if they just had it sitting around and figured they’d throw it in the bottom of the soup instead of the trash. I've had much better soups at a casual lunch at bouchon bakery. Again not exactly what I'd expect from a place like this. On to our main courses, I got the duck and seared foie gras as my friends got the beef ribeye, spiced spinach and crispy veggies. My duck was okay but poorly seasoned. The foie gras was pretty tasty but I was really looking forward to a nice piece of duck in this dish. Both my friends were very unhappy with their beef dishes one of which I tried and it was extremely tough to chew and seemed like a poor cut and excessively fatty. The veggies on the meat dish however were quite nice. For our desert and final course I got the perle of chou, tahitian vanilla cream with fresh raspberry and my friend got the melting araguani chocolate refreshed with a hint of peppermint. This is about the only course were we all agreed everything was really quite tasty and well done all around. We ended up with the chocolate trolley with a ton of selections. I tried several of them and wasnt impressed with anything. The espresso during coffee service was nice however. As a parting gift they gave us one full size fruit cake for the three of us. This seems rather bazaar for a parting gift but perhaps it’s a french thing. We didn’t end up tasting that and just binned it. Overall this was one of the worst meals of my life none of us really enjoyed it after looking forward to it so much. The service was very average if not downright poor and nobody seemed to really care. They brought out the wrong champagne to start with and completely forgot to bring my wine. They seem to put a considerable amount of focus and emphasis on the serving vessels and the room to a point where it is almost tacky. In fact the neon lights under the cheese trolly are in fact quite tacky, it was like the french meet walmart! Definitely not what we expected from the highly esteemed "3 Michelin star" joel robochon and a complete waste of money. I would do a charge back on my amex if I could get away with it. The meal and experience was that bad.
  4. JG is great and all but given the option I would always go with per se. The service is 110x better as is the food in my opinion. Per Se has also always tended to be a more memorable meal and overall experience. Granted I am probably rather biased towards per se and go at least once a month If you were going to give per se a miss I would seriously consider L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon I consider it pretty much on the same level as JG.
  5. I use L'epicerie www.lepicerie.com. They have always been pretty good and not excessively expensive.
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