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  1. If your thinking of spending that much on a juicer you should get a norwalk. It at least retains its value and there is no comparison in the quality of juice and level of nutrients it retains.
  2. Dave also emailed out a new Facebook group for those interested for the spinzall. https://www.facebook.com/Spinzall-120853948634625/
  3. Extremely high quality build. This is higher quality materials that pretty much any other device in the kitchen. I'm blown away by the quality of the materials and level of thought that went into the design of each component although also not surprised given Dave designed it. I seriously hope this spurs him into developing a long line of different products. Getting great results so far. I've done strawberry juice, banana juice to make banana sorbet with the most unbelievable incredible flavor, cold brew coffee that is smoother than traditional toddy based and seems far more caffeinated I assume due to the fact that more oils are extracted in this vs being somewhat filtered out in typical toddy based cold brew, corn water for soup etc. All amazing results. I will say for those of you that have one/getting one that the pectinex sp-l is an essential ingredient if you want to see clarified product. Thankfully I had some laying around but looks like dave has a starter kit that you can order with the units that includes it. Would def be sure to add that to your order.
  4. I've ordered tens of thousands of dollars of products from them always without an issue. The owner does have a unique personality with extremely high standards and zero tolerance or need to do business with those looking for cheap junk though. I much respect him for that. I hope they hurry up and come back online as they do have a decent amount of ingredients that are hard/impossible to find elsewhere. The euro-vanilla for example I get exclusively from him. Nobody can touch his pricing or reliability in stocking it.
  5. Just received my spinzall today in dallas from fedex. It's spinning pea butter right now as a warm up! Very well built and quality material from the feel of it.
  6. sct4a

    POS Advice?

    Take a look at microsale - not to be confused with micros. We have it at over 20 locations and are very happy with it. The actual company is a complete nightmare to deal with and has by far the worst service but the product is quite nice and works great.
  7. I would avoid Le Bernadin. SHO is slightly expensive for what it is but is worth a visit for sure. I would highly recommend Jonathan Benno's Lincoln and Riverpark both places you can't go wrong at. As for Per Se if you can't get a reservation you can always pop into the salon and at least get a few courses.
  8. sct4a

    Per Se

    I went last week and there was absolutely no indication at all of any sort of drop in its usual extremely high quality products or dishes that result from them. Per Se is the last place that would start nickel and diming and saving a few bucks here and there on ingredients or quality.
  9. sct4a

    Le Bernardin

    "To me" are the most telling words in this post. LeB continues to serve wonderful meals to people who, I feel reasonably sure, aren't merely impressed because they read in a tattered old review that it is purported to be good. It remains, by the standards of this town, extraordinary. This town needs higher standards if LeB is supposed to be considered "extraordinary". I went last night for dinner after having an amazing as always lunch at per se. LeB service was a complete joke with countless mistakes and being quite obvious they couldnt careless about us. Everything from making us wait 20 minutes PAST our reservation time to sit down to bringing wrong dishes, cold dishes, wrong silverware multiple times, not refolding napkins when one of us got up to use the rest room (not a big deal but is noticeable at this level), when we ordered desert we ordered 3 of them each and they brought out all 3 at once two of which were melting while we ate the first one - that of everything seriously pissed me off. It is beyond me how they have more than one star let alone 3 with subpar service like this. While the food was very good I must say I was slightly more impressed with the fish courses I had at per se earlier in the day - perhaps because they actually care unlike LeB. I also must say the countless staff walking around the dining room with those metal necklaces look completely absurd. Charging $17 for house sparkling water and espresso etc was also a bit tacky and nickel and diming when your spending hundreds of dollars per person. The one major plus of LeB was they did not automatically add the tip to the check because they had no chance in hell of us walking out and leaving anything close to a 20% or more tip.
  10. Per Se would be my first choice followed by Jonathan Bennos Lincoln. I can't think of anywhere else in the city that will offer a more memorable experience than those guys.
  11. I might have to check that out, but its almost a mile further away than Jubilee. I'd almost be as well getting the subway to W4 St where there are really good options. Since I made my earlier post, and after years of loving the Italian sausages from Jubilee, they have gone downhill the last two times (very gristly). I'll need to ask them about what changed (not sure if they are made in house or not). Obviously they don't do Kobe, and are not a top notch meat purveyor. But for standard fare like ground beef, Bell & Evans chicken, etc, they do a decent job. I guess they suit me fine but everyones's tastes and standards vary. I will say I have always been impressed by the skirt steak (which I think they claim to be prime). So have plenty of family and friends I have served it to, although I will take some credit for my prep Meanwhile, the Gristedes here only has meat pre-packaged in styrofoam vacuum packs, so I doubt I will ever try those. Have you tried Zeytuna's butcher or fishmonger? How do they stand up? Yea i've tried zeytuna's butcher and fishmonger. They are ok but nothing I'd really go back for or write home about. It just seems like jubilee, zeytuna, and obviously gristedes don't really care or care about their products much and it really shows. The new shop battery place market the guys seem to really care about their products and you can tell from the results which is why I like them. Aside from that in the area whole foods tribeca is the only other decent option.
  12. Jubilee is terrible and their meat I would put about one step above Gristedes and still 10 steps away from my plate. If you’re up for an extra couple block walk from there a new place that opened up in battery park called Battery Place Markets (http://batteryplacemarkets.com/) they have some pretty great stuff and some extremely hard to find ingredients. They finally started stocking raw meats to include amazing kobe and wagu from snake river farms. I’d def check them out if your downtown.
  13. Per Se has no problems with 1 person reservations. You may have better luck with a fri/sat/sun lunch reservation. As already stated it isnt in the financial district though its about a 10-15 min cab ride up the west side highway. For strictly downtown for cheap there is innateso pizza bar next to the ritz in battery park which is a great italian place, capital grille for steak which is right off wall street, SHO Shaun Hergatt which is off wall st, and madd dog and beans is really great mexican on stone street. There is also a new gourmet market called Battery Place Market at 70 little west street in the visionaire building. They do alot of cooked food and its really fantastic for lunch.
  14. Nope didnt consider the VP112 at all really. I was interested in something that would be highly reliable and well-built that would be able to reach a high level of vacuum for compression. IIRC the VP210 can reach a higher level than the VP112 when I spoke with the ARY rep. The VP112 also didnt look as sturdy and well-built as the VP210. It sort of appeared to me as a cheap knockoff entry model for the home/sous vide market they just became aware existed. I then brought the specs for the VP210 into a restaurant that does alot of sous vide in NYC and had the chef take a look who was kind enough to give his opinion. He wasn't able to find much of any difference between the VP210 and the one they use other than the speed and qty of bags you could seal per hour. Since I wasn't planning on doing 75+ bags an hour the VP210 was perfect for me.
  15. I've had my VP210 for about a year now and its been fantastic. I've found it to be extremely well built and has stood up to pretty high use for a home kitchen. I had the same concerns over the dry piston but they were really quite unfounded after using this unit so much. I'd highly recommend it for home or small restaurant use.
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