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  1. My daughter is studying in Dublin this college semester. Looking to surprise her with a 21st birthday cake. Don't want anything elaborate, just something that tastes great and will serve her 10-12 friends. Any suggestions?
  2. Lucy is amazing. I used to run the Coventry Farmers Market in Cleveland Heights and she was one of my first vendors. She's got incredible energy and a fabulous product.
  3. The 80 locally owned member restaurants of Cleveland Independents are featuring an Oh, Honey! campaign starting on Valentine's Day and running through March 31. The web page on www.clevelandindependents.com will feature honey recipes from some of their chefs. All of the restaurants are being asked to create dishes and/or drinks using honey. Local honey purveyor, Lucy Wellhousen of Ohio Honey Company is supplying many of the restaurants.
  4. I'm the Executive Director of a group of over 75 locally owned and operated independent restaurants in the Cleveland area, Cleveland Independents. If you log on to www.clevelandindependents.com, you'll find a terrific array of different options from some of the best chefs in town...and events...and specially discounted gift certificates...and promotions...and other good things. These are the true flavors of the area. I'm sure you'll be pleased with any of them.
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