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  1. ChefHDAN

    Fells Point Dining ?

    Thanks to all!! Booked at Charleston's. We'll let you know how it was when we return.
  2. He ya'll.. I know I'm not exactly up to date on all that's happening here. Life happens, and 10 years ago the best thing to ever happen in my life happened. Finally have a sitter to take care of the kids & I've gotten a nice place on Fell's Point in Balt to celebrate at but I'm without a clue as to where to go for a dinner worthy of the cause. I mean I really can't remember the last time my wife & I got to actually enjoy a NICE dinner. So help out a johnnie come lately if you can & throw me some places that I can hopefully get into for next friday night. MANY thanx to all who can help !!!
  3. ChefHDAN

    Favorite Cutlery

    I have to replace the henckel. My knuckles are starting to scrape the cutting board. I guess over the years I've taken a bit off from sharpening and wear. This is my biggest complaint with Henckels, they seem to evaporate in the professional kitchen. I think they are a fine knife for the home, but for the same money, why not buy a better knife?? And yes I'm talking about the newer blades and not the 15 year plus blades which seem to be very high quality.
  4. Malawry, The only task that those F*%$#ng!!! kevlar safety gloves are good for is using the mandoline. You'll be suprised how much faster and confidently you can work with it. Consider yourself fortunate in your trail. I know several "Very French" chefs that wouldn't even consider letting a female into the kitchen unless she was carrying a waiter's tray. Sounds like you held your own though. --HDAN
  5. ChefHDAN

    Chicken Stock

    AU Contraire--- I was dispelled of the salt myth by a semi abusive chef who proved that some salt in the cooking process yields a much better stock than one salted afterwards. The tricky part is to remember what you'll be doing with the stock...basic soup with little reduction season well...Glace or reduction sauces season sparingly. Add lots of fresh herbs towards the end of the simmer, rosemary, thyme, parsley, dill (yes, dill, try it!). In the winter months that are approaching, a roasted chicken stock makes an awesome soup when combined with wild mushroom flavors. Most important thing to remember, you'll only get out what you put in
  6. ChefHDAN

    Potato Salad

    My preference is for the varieties with vinaigrettes, fresh herbs, some sort of good mustard, and most often BACON. When making this style always remember to dress the potatoes as soon as they have been drained. Potatoes absorb flavors while they're hot and the starches will "seal" up the potatoes once they have cooled.
  7. ChefHDAN

    Favorite Cutlery

    I've got two toolboxes that are mostly full of knives that I've collected over the years. I've probably got at least one from every knife manufacturer except, chicago cutlery, and the ones that dork sells on TV. Some things I've come to believe; Best Edge---Sabatier Carbon Best Grip / handle---Wustof Grand Prix Most used Knife---Dexter Chinese Cleaver For a utillity knife I have to promote Wustof's 7" Frozen Foods Knife. It does EVERYTHING, 7" blade, swept point, and an offset handle. I was given one by a mentor and I went out and had two more ordered, one for home and one to archive in case I ever lose one of the others. Sharpening can be a pain but I'm a big believer in keeping a wicked sharp blade. I purchased a ceramic sharpening stone for my Globals and I was suprised to learn that it does an excellent job on my other knives. A few passes on the medium grit (orange) stone brings up a NICE edge FAST, and that works perfect for me at home. And another thing---Henckels SUCK
  8. One of my LEAST favorite jobs to do has to be scaling fish. I'm curious to hear what was recommended to reduce the mess.
  9. Casey, During my stint in Off-premise catering we lived by a simple motto, " The CLIENT may have absolutely ANYTHING that they wish to PAY for"
  10. ChefHDAN

    Ground Beef

    AWESOME Tacos....Not ala "Taco Smell" but true taqueria style. Brown off the meat drain the grease and then start seeing whats in the produce box. I love 'em with chopped onion, garlic,peppers (all colors), jalapenos, tomato, cillantro, and sometimes chipotles if I don't have to worry about feeding gringos. I've also done variations with zucchini, summer squash & yukon gold potatoes. Saute the veggies and add the meat back in, Just about any thing is possible, season the dishes out with chili powder in light amounts and use comino, corriander, and oregano as needed, use stock, beer, tomato juice, water or a combination and allow the whole shebang to braise for 20 to 30 minutes, before service a squeeze of lime always adds a nice "brightness". No matter what you make for a filling just don't forget that tortillas are not ready to go out of the pack...you must toast them in a dry, medium hot pan for the best flavor. One of my cooks back in Texas would also make what she called barbecue. It was basically whatever and all meat trimmings from butchering, (++ 4 food cost!) with chunks of onion, tomato, jalapeno, and cillantro stems slow roasted covered with foil. She would then hand shred the meat simillar to the Vietnamese, and roll it up into tortillas like little cigars with a brain melting habanero salsa.
  11. ChefHDAN

    BBQ Grills

    Being new to this region, Any Reccomendations on a BBQ Equipment Supplier who sells Grills above the Home Depot / Sears / Lowes Grade???