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  1. Its one Ive created as the ready made ones are either unsuitable (potato flour and/or sugar - we cant eat sugar, or horrible as they are mainly cornflour) I use 3 flours and the amounts are approximate Teff flour: 60% Corn Flour (fine polenta): 20% Tapioca: 20% Teff is amazing, google will give you more and better information than I can, very nutritious and tastes good too, it is used to make the Ethiopian bread injira. The Tapioca "glues" it all together so dont need to use xanthan or guar gum. Youll probably need to add a bit more liquid than you would with wheat flour. If you like quinoa fl
  2. JeanneCake: I had settled on trying the one bowl chocolate cake (sfter I had definately decided on the black magic lol) but the wowie looks a lot easier, I mean a lot tastier etc thanks Ive actually found (after years of trial and error) a very good gluten free flour mix if you are interested and it doesnt require xanthan or guar gum, it is the nearest in taste and texture to wheat Ive found so far. I have an extra problem/challenge baking gluten free as my husband cant have oat,potato or spelt and I dislike quinoa, buckwheat and chickpea.
  3. Will definately give the black magic cake this week, will report on results. Thanks all
  4. pastrygirl: i never waited 15 mins before but read in wybauw that you should wait a bit as something something (IM really tired so cant remmeber exactly) Anyway..... the weird thing is that it was beautifully in temper but when I got to the melter it was really thick and unworkable. Sebastian:you are an angel, I will take you up on your kind offer
  5. Sigh. Thought youd say that Sebastian. Thanks anyway Onwards.....
  6. Lior: You can taste as much as you want, whenever you want, just come and visit, Im sure well have lots to talk about. id love your opinion of my products Sebastian: Im so glad you answered, I was hoping you would I really appreciate your offer of help and understand your hands are tied without knowing the formula details but regretfully I cant post them as my business partner would order a hit on me I dont suppose you could offer any advice with the information I posted previously? Thanks
  7. I forgot to write that it was while I was waiting to see if the chocolate was tempered, using the back of a spoon and waiting 15 minutes to check for streaks, that the chocolate thickened. I checked the spoon, the chocolate had crystalized without streaks, I went to start working and......thick, unworkable chocolate
  8. I've been experimenting with a sugar free chocolate for a while now and flavour wise have achieved success. I have two major problems with my chocolate and it happens with both the milk and dark. Problem #1: I had the milk chocolate in the melter over night and in the morning there was and oily puddle (cocoa butter methinks) on the top, after vigorous stirring it homogenized but streaks kept appearing in the melted chocolate but disappeared when stirred. After tempering and when the chocolate had crystalized there were faint streaks and dark spots. I'm thinking I need to add more lecithin (I h
  9. Sheryl D: they look really good What flour did you use in the gluten free crust?
  10. Okay? Turned out 'okay'? Are you mad? Its gorgeous! Thanks for the compliments I have set myself the challenge/torture of only working with chocolate as I specialize in sugar free products. I too need to charge more, especially as chocolate and transfer sheets are not cheap Thanks Darienne. I think I should get the award for the longest lurker
  11. Ive said it before and Ill say it again. Thanks!!!
  12. I am a bit nervous posting this but am trying to be brave. I was asked to bake a chocolate cake, with 2 days notice. I am not a baker (am hoping one day to go from a 'Chocolate Maker" to a Chocolatier) Im happy with the look though
  13. Wow, thanks for all the replies! Whenever I bake its a bit hit and miss as I usually do it sugar and gluten free and am still tweaking with the ingredients, so never sure if its me the recipe or the weird stuff I use lol. I kind of got talked into making a birthday cake for a client when I met with her to discuss a birthday chocolate workshop and am suddenly getting orders from people The cake decorations looked good and they were really pleased but had a horrible time baking a passable cake.
  14. People are asking me to bake and decorate cakes and are actually willing to pay me for it but sadly not a lot, so I cant afford to use loads of chocolate and butter combined with the fact I want to make cakes that are dairy free. So I need a recipe for a cake that uses cocoa and oil and is for a 29cm round tin (30cm outside measurement)plus baking time and temp. Id be prostrate with gratitude if anyone can help me with this
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