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  1. What are some of the quintessential southern foods that come to your mind (other than barbecue).  I'm really talking about foods that you generally don't find in the North.<p>I can think of . . .<p>Pimiento Cheese

    Pork Rinds (awesome, when they're good and fresh)

    Boiled peanuts (make sure they're at least room temp)

    Moon Pies

    Cheese Straws

    Moravian sugar cookies and sugar cakes

    CheerWine (diet CheerWine is the best)<p>I could go on all day.  There are a number of Southern exports that have become common up North, including Krispy Kremes, breakfast biscuits, and sweet tea.

    Hoe cakes and tomatoe gravy and rice

    not to mention grits, I cant tell you how many times ive heard "what is a grit?"

  2. As we've seen, no idea is more ridiculous than inaction, so giv'er.  :)

    Well, as a first step, no need for your question. Not that more couldn't be done, but I believe the restaurant community to be more active on the issue than most (I'm thinking Oceanwise and chefs like Clarke.)

    My suggestion centres on you, you've written a succinct and compelling little essay here. I think it deserves a wider audience than eG.


  3. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but is it possible to slice warm meats on an electric slicer or will this gum up the machine?

    I have a non-commercial slicer, which has worked great for cold stuff.  However, in 2 weeks, I will have the need to slice approx. 40 lbs of roasted pork loin, and for this reason, I thought of my electric slicer.  Having never used it for hot/warm meat before, I'd appreciate any advice.

    no it shouldnt gum up to bad though meat will stick to the blade and 40 lbs of meat for a non commercial slicer does sound like quite a load on it.

  4. In northeast florida it seems to be hard to get fresh produce and other products. I worked at a restaurant that had items fedex'd to them but is that realy logical for food costs. I dont know what to do. I've been looking for farms in the area but all of them are very far away and if i do find one close that can provide what i am looking for how do i start a relationship with the farm.

  5. How do you dry your hands when you aren't wearing an apron?

    A towel under your apron, tucked into your belt/pants could work. The towel is concealed, but you look like you are molesting yourself when you use it. Otherwise, just find a hidey-hole for a couple of dry ones to wipe after washing.

    I agree that seeing someone wipe their hands (or knives, or other equipment) on an apron is just wrong. I know it's cloth and started out clean, but it sure can pick up some funky stuff along the way. Break the habit. It's one of the bad ones you have to break. 

    I appreciate the effort in handwashing BTW. It's good to know that someone actually puts some thought into it.

    after washing your hands shaking them off works well when your busy

  6. So i recently began working in a fine kitchen and i have a problem...  Ever since i was a kid, when i cook... i wipe my wet hands on myself after washing my hands...  either on my pants, my shirt, whatever...  Now i have a problem...  At work whenever i need to dry or quickly clean my hands while i'm plating during service, it's all goes straight on to my apron...  That's not professional...  i was told to wipe my hands using paper towels, but i don't want to waste paper every second with a new piece of paper just so i can wipe a little oil off of my hands.  So you say, just keep a towel around my apron strap...  It's not acceptable to do that, where i work..  I guess the chef doesn't believe in it.  I can keep a towel on my work surface,  but that just makes the surface cluttered having all these towels thrown about....  This might sound trivial to some people, but i've been yelled at a few times because of this...  SOOOO, any tips?

    at the ritz they always made us have a soap and sanitizer bucket and in the sanitizer bucket we kept a towl that we would wipe our hands with. The other option is to wear gloves in a sticky situation. It might seem ridiculous in a busy situation but after your used to it you'll be surprised how fast you can change a pair of gloves

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