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  1. Sometimes i wonder, what is georgia food? Is peaches and pecans all you see? Does the state have the same greens and biscuits that everyone else has? So far lots of questions no answers. Just wondering if any of you could give me any answers.
  2. Hoe cakes and tomatoe gravy and rice not to mention grits, I cant tell you how many times ive heard "what is a grit?"
  3. Well, as a first step, no need for your question. Not that more couldn't be done, but I believe the restaurant community to be more active on the issue than most (I'm thinking Oceanwise and chefs like Clarke.) My suggestion centres on you, you've written a succinct and compelling little essay here. I think it deserves a wider audience than eG. ← absolutely
  4. no it shouldnt gum up to bad though meat will stick to the blade and 40 lbs of meat for a non commercial slicer does sound like quite a load on it.
  5. what is a food dehydrator,or i know what it does but how does it work
  6. In northeast florida it seems to be hard to get fresh produce and other products. I worked at a restaurant that had items fedex'd to them but is that realy logical for food costs. I dont know what to do. I've been looking for farms in the area but all of them are very far away and if i do find one close that can provide what i am looking for how do i start a relationship with the farm.
  7. after washing your hands shaking them off works well when your busy
  8. at the ritz they always made us have a soap and sanitizer bucket and in the sanitizer bucket we kept a towl that we would wipe our hands with. The other option is to wear gloves in a sticky situation. It might seem ridiculous in a busy situation but after your used to it you'll be surprised how fast you can change a pair of gloves
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