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  1. thanks for you reply, in terms of getting started, what exactly do i need? - waterbath / or way of maintaining temperature - digital thermometer & probe - bags for cooking Do i really need to be able to vacuum pack food for cooking? thanks fergal?
  2. Hi, I want to start giving Sous Vide cooking a go and wondering where's best to get the equipment. It appears the only barrier to getting stuck in, is the exorbitant cost of the electrical bath, thermometer & needle. Does anybody know of a way to get this equipment cheaply? is there a store perhaps in london which i can visit? many thanks fergal
  3. Hi am going to be in the isle of wight this weekend. so what food experiences can't i miss? Either places to eat or food to try? thanks fergal
  4. I saw a review here of breakfast at the Maze Grill. Very funny and just had to share: http://www.londonreviewofbreakfasts.blogspot.com/ (NB. very colourful language) any other great scathing reviews to share? regards fergal
  5. thanks for your suggestions. will give Allens a ring. Although they are 'eggs' you've got to give all things a go. On the subject of eggs tried, I've had Penguins. Which are huge with a translucent white & bright orange yolk, even for 3 easily. though not in the same league as an Ostrich egg! fergal
  6. Having seen Marco's programme last night I'm interested in buying and cooking some gulls eggs. does anyone know where I can buy them in London or are they already out of season? thanks Fergal
  7. So where's good to check out in Berkshire? (apart from the 3 star places!) fergal
  8. Gavin, that is a great list. I've been to suffolk a few times but there are still plenty of gems you've mentioned which need some experiencing. thanks Fergal
  9. Hi all, we've got some friends staying with us who'd like to do a mini-gastronomic weekend in August (friday evening to sunday), getting out of london for a few days. We're looking for somewhere only about 4 hours max from london and where we can get some good seafood (for one meal at least) what you guys recommend doing/going? Kent - Whistable, The Sportsman etc. Suffolk - company shed (near Colchester), Southwold etc. Somerset? Dorset? Or maybe somewhere else entirely? Any suggestions welcome. thanks Fergal
  10. Hi, Jean-Christophe Ansanay-Alex who runs the 2 Michelin star Auberge De L'Ile in Lyon has just opened up a new restaurant in South Kensingon on Brompton Road. http://www.ambassadedelile.com/ it seems odd there's been no fan fair, unlike The Connaught's new restaurant opening. anybody been there/heard good things? Fergal
  11. i guess it depends if you want a private room. Squaremeal (see link) can be quite useful for options: http://www.squaremeal.co.uk/restaurants/lo..._/all/default/0 I would recommend Bleeding Heart as a good place - ambience & food
  12. Hi, just wondering what good sunday lunch deals are available in London (not necessarily 'an English roast').... Have always found Racine & Galvins good value - just wondering where else to check out. any suggestions? thanks fergal
  13. thanks for your replies. unfortunately cooking elsewhere in the flat is not an option. we have a fridge though. The idea of a raw vegetable does seem quite appealing from a health perspective. I am wondering though whether I should try and do a cookery course or shameless try to get myself invited to as many dinner parties as possible; a bit like Come Dine With Me without the reciprocation maybe I should do a circle line restaurant crawl.....
  14. I went to the Walnut Tree a couple of weeks ago. thought it was very good - unpretentious service and tasty food. However the starters were far better than the main dishes. I agree - pretty good value. 3 courses with plenty of wine. less than £50 a head. would recommend others to make the trek. fergal
  15. Fellow readers, I live in London and am getting a new kitchen installed. It's going to take 4 weeks (still not sure why!) this could present many opportunities or problems depending on your point of view from a culinary perspective. A person has got to eat..... i don't want to bankrupt myself or become (more) obese so what would you recommend I do to fill these weeks without a kitchen? is there some food/eating challenge to attempt? fergal
  16. I've had a few meals £200+ per head. they're all memorable because they are events in themselves - something to look forward to and savour. The Fat Duck was one of those. Although terrific food, we felt ripped off by the 'wine by the glass' accompaniement. they were interesting wines, but didn't justify the price. the resulting wine bill left a sour taste in our mouths! Only a couple of weeks ago I ate at L'Arpege which was sensational - brilliant food, terrific playful service. Free 'chef suprises' such as lobster with white truffles made it great value, despite the cost. These meals are meant to be events, like a good night out. When they exceed expectations like L'Arpege, no matter how much you pay it's the memory that counts.
  17. I ate at Hix's last night and had a distinctly average evening. The food was simple & good - a lovely mutton curry & ox cheek, runner bean salad, However service pretty poor - they seem to confuse a number of items on the menu and got orders wrong. Even comping the food in the end. Also Mark Hix has apparently given up cooking. Although dressed in chef whites, he spent the entire evening talk to customers & friends - Parker Bowles, Peter Gordon and that restaurant critic from The Independent. Although I will give it another go, you get the distinct impression that unless you're a mate of Hix you get a lower level of service. A more consistent experience is required for all, me thinks
  18. Hi all, The tasting menus of restaurants are always a temptation, thinking it will represent the best skills of the chef(s) and helps to avoid actually having to choose what to eat However they can always be a bit of let down with range of dishes and not actually getting a decent meal. what do you think represent the best value for money tasting menus? As a starter, I think Trinity Restaurant in Clapham is pretty good. thoughts/opinions?
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