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  1. no worries folks... i definitely ain't a pastry chef, but i do know how to make a killer quenelle, like said, hot hot spoon, NO scraping... it is a scoop.... i'll have a video up by tomorrow... i usually make a decent amount a night, so i'll bring in a camera to work and post on youtube.........
  2. hi, i work at whats considered a very good restaurant... i started working there as their baker... i have very little previous experience in baking and pastries... when our pastry chef left, who was put into the position? me! funny huh... the question is... we make a chocolate mouse using valrhona 70% dark chocolate and then pour over that some boiling milk to melt down the chocolate, then you temper the chocolate in eggyolks and then fold in soft merengue into the whole thing.... i can't seem to melt the chocolate properly, first of all, pouring in the boiling milk isn't enough heat i guess to melt down all of the chocolate, so then i figured i'd put it on a gentle bain marie to continue the melting. it continued melting nicely, then i took it off the heat and it suddenly seized and broke... what's the proper way to do this.... Valrhona seems like a really fussy chocolate to work with, especially the white chocolate.... maybe i just suck at it and don't have anyone to teach me... so thats why i'm asking on the internet. another question... how come when making ganache, the hot cream is poured onto the chocolate and not the opposite, does it really make a big difference? thanks a lot for your answers ron
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